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HP LaserJet MFP M433, M436, M437, M438, M439, M440, M442, M443, M42523, M42525, M42623, M42625 - "Tray 1 Empty" message displays on the control panel when attempting to print


After loading paper in Tray 1 and attempting to print, the control panel displays Tray 1 Empty.
Figure : Tray 1 empty displays on the control panel


This issue occurs when the lift plate for a tray is not pushed down before loading paper in a tray. Due to the incorrect positioning of the lift plate, the tray’s pick up rollers does not hold the paper to pass it to the delivery output bins. When the printer’s paper path sensor is unable to detect the pages in Tray 1, it results in the Tray 1 Empty message.


Follow these steps to resolve the issue:
HP recommends to follow the guidelines in the “Preparing paper” and "Print media specifications" sections in the User Guide when loading pages.
  1. Smooth any leading edge of a page that is curled or folded and make sure that the pages do not stick together. Align the edges of the pages.
  2. Open Tray 1, push down the lift plate, and then place the pages into the tray.
    Make sure that the paper is properly positioned against the tray’s plastic edge.
  3. Adjust the paper guides on the tray to the width of the pages.
    Figure : Push down the lift plate in Tray 1
  4. Set the paper type and size using the control panel buttons when printing.
    For more instructions, go to Loading paper in the tray (c05303711).