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HP LaserJet Enterprise and Officejet Enterprise Printers - Color tiff images compressed as jpg or zip format fail to print using the new Direct TIFF Printing feature


When direct printing a color .tiff image with a .jpg or .zip compression file format using a USB flash drive or the Embedded Web Server (EWS) Print menu, the print job fails. This issue occurs on HP LaserJet Enterprise Printers and HP Officejet Enterprise Printers using the HP FutureSmart firmware version 3.7 or newer.
The control panel will display a “Failed” message and the Job Log will record the print job status as “Failed”.
This issue does not occur when printing a black and white .tiff image file compressed as a .jpg or .zip file or when printing a color .tiff file using an HP print driver.


Use one of the following workarounds to print a color .tiff file:
  • Workaround one: Use .tiff files that are not compressed.
  • Workaround two: Use a .LZW compressed .tiff format.
    The default setting in HP Multifunction Printers (MFP’s) when scanning tiff images is a .jpg compression file format. It is recommended to select the LZW compression option to use the Direct TIFF printing feature.
    Figure : TIFF 6.0 is the default selection for a scanned tiff compressed file


Direct TIFF Printing is a new feature implemented in HP FutureSmart firmware version 3.7 or newer for HP LaserJet and Officejet Enterprise Printers. This feature does not require a print driver to print .tiff images. It allows a user to print directly using a USB or the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS) Print menu. Currently, this feature does not support printing color tiff files with the .jpg and .zip compression format.

Affected Printers

All LaserJet Enterprise Printers and Officejet Enterprise Printers