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HP PCs - Using McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security to Protect Your PC from Threats

This document pertains to HP and Compaq computers with Windows 10 and 8 and McAfee LiveSafe.
McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security helps keep your computer safe from security threats or privacy intrusions. McAfee LiveSafe runs in the background to detect spyware, viruses, and other network intrusions. Use this document to learn about the features of McAfee LiveSafe.

Opening McAfee LiveSafe

In Windows, search for and open McAfee LiveSafe.
LiveSafe opens to the Home screen and displays the security status.
Figure : McAfee LiveSafe Home screen
McAfee LiveSafe Home screen

Become familiar with the McAfee "Manage Security" screen

On the McAfee Home screen, click Manage security.
Figure : McAfee LiveSafe Home screen with Manage security button highlighted
McAfee LiveSafe Home screen with Manage security button highlighted
The Manage security screen opens. From here, you can access tools to manage the following items.
  • Scans
  • Updates
  • Your Internet firewall
  • Your McAfee subscription
Figure : Manage security screen
Manage security screen

Scanning for Viruses and Spyware

Customize your virus and software scan type and frequency using the Virus and Spyware Protection menu. From the menu, you can perform the following actions.
  • Scan for viruses and spyware on your computer
  • Choose which files and locations to scan automatically
  • Set up an automatic scan schedule
Use the following sections to learn more about customizing your Virus and Spyware Protection settings.

Protecting Your Web Browsing and Email

Learn about The Web and Email Protection menu, which provides options for the following settings and features.
  • Firewall settings: A firewall protects your computer from unwanted network traffic
  • Spam settings: Spam is email that comes from unknown and often unwanted sources - primarily email.
SiteAdvisor is an extra feature of McAfee LiveSafe that helps you identify which websites are safe to visit and which could pose security threats.
Read one of the following sections.

Deleting Files, Updating Software, and Setting Up Parental Controls

Help your computer run more efficiently and control which websites are available from user accounts. Learn how to destroy your sensitive files, how to keep software up to date, and how to set parental controls.
Read one of the following sections.

Using the Navigation Menu

The Navigation Center is an alternate information source with a condensed organizational style (you see more on the main screen than on other main screens in McAfee LiveSafe). Use the Navigation Center to access additional resources such as notification preferences and support.
Read one of the following sections.

Updating McAfee LiveSafe

Use the McAfee Updates menu to check for updates when you want. For example, use the Check for Updates feature to search for updates before your next scheduled check.
Check for updates and set your update automation preferences using the McAfee Updates menu.
Read one of the following sections.

Managing Your Subscription

Buy subscriptions, manage subscriptions, and edit account and billing information.
  1. On the McAfee LiveSafe Home screen, click View details to view subscription options.
    Figure : View details selection
    View details selection highlighted
    Your Subscription menu displays.
  2. In the Actions section, click the option you want; for example, click Buy a subscription. The corresponding McAfee website opens. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    Figure : Your Subscription
    Your Subscription window

Additional Resources

Refer to Common FAQs (in English) on the McAfee support website for answers to frequently asked questions about billing, account and subscription details, and more.






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