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HP 30b Business Professional Calculator - Introduction to the Learning Modules

Use of the learning modules

HP provides these learning modules to help readers learn about the HP 30b, or to gain experience in its use. They do not replace the manuals but offer a hands-on way to try some of the many HP 30b features. Readers who do not have an HP 30b but wish to learn about it can benefit by studying these modules too. The examples are provided purely for practice and do not represent any real situations or people.

Special symbols

The learning modules use special symbols to show keys on the HP 30b and characters on the screen (also called the display).
The shift key has a blue front to it and is displayed in these learning modules as . Any key pressed after one of these two is called a “shifted key” and is shown as two key presses. For example to execute the round function or RND, it is necessary to press the shift key and then the key. This would be shown in the learning modules as .
The top right corner of the HP 30b screen displays a number of annunciators indicating the status of the calculator or various modes that might be set. One of these annunciators is a small battery shape that indicates it is time to replace the HP 30b batteries. See the user’s guide for how to do this. The meanings of the other annunciators are shown in the table below.
Figure : Displaying the annunciators
RPN mode is active. This is set in the menu. Algebraic and chain mode are the other alternative operating modes.
has been pressed. The next key pressed, if 0-9 or , , , , or , will store the displayed value into that storage register or time value of money register.
has been pressed. The next key pressed, if 0-9 or , , , , or , will store the displayed value into that storage register or time value of money register.
Indicates that the value displayed in a menu may be input by the user, if desired.
Indicates shift key has been pressed. The next key pressed will execute the blue shifted function on the front of the key. Press it again to turn it off, if desired.
Low battery annunciator. If this is on, it is time to replace the batteries. See the user’s guide.
The small equal sign annunciator in the top right of the display indicates that the value displayed in a menu may be computed by pressing the key.
The keystroke sequence was performed to indicate that payments occur in the beginning of the period; to change back to end mode and deactivate the annunciator, press . This is reset to end mode when the TVM mode is reset.
Radians mode is active for trigonometric calculations. This is set in the menu. The alternative mode is degrees. Degrees mode is indicated with the RAD annunciator is not shown.
When dealing with dates, a 360-day year is being used with 12 months of 30 days each. This is set in the menu. The other choice is to use the actual number of days. This “actual days” mode is indicated by the 360 annunciator not being shown in the display.

Special key combinations

The learning modules assume that the HP 30b modes and settings are as they would be when a new HP 30b is turned on the first time. Changes to these settings needed for examples are described in the learning modules. After some examples have been worked through, the HP 30b settings might be very different from the original ones. A quick way to return to the standard settings is to perform a MEMORY CLEAR, but note that this will clear all of the calculator memory.
The 'master clear' of the HP 30b is accomplished when the following sequence is executed:
  • Press and hold ;
  • Press and hold ;
  • Press .
The display will show SW Reset followed by All Reset.
Do not do this if you want to keep any information that is in your calculator. If you want to keep what is in memory but return the settings to their original values, you will have to change the settings one by one.
You can also remove the back cover of the HP 30b and press a small paperclip through the reset hole. This procedure is described in the user’s guide.






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