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HP Designjet Printers - New EFI Designer Edition RIP Software Version 4.1

Version 4.1

This new EFI designer edition RIP release is currently available for customers.
This is a significant release of the EFI Designer Edition RIP and subsequently is not upgradeable; customers will need to buy this from their usual retail supplier.
Main features of this release are:
  • HP Designjet 500 support
  • Black Point Compensations added
  • New and easier UI in the Color Preferences
  • New layout management settings
  • Completely revised and improved error log
The new release applies for both Win and Mac users.
The new product numbers are structured as follows:
HP Designjet Printer
Software RIP Version
World Wide
Japan Only
10ps/20ps/50ps/30 series
EFI Designer Edition 4.1 M
10ps/20ps/50ps/30 series/120 series/130 series/500 series
EFI Designer Edition 4.1 XL

Main Features

  • New Improved UI on Color Preferences
    In the new UI the 3 different tabs for CMYK, RGB and Lab have been consolidate in a unique view. This allows customers to view all the settings that will be applied to the job at the same time.
  • HP Designjet 500 now supported
    Added the support of HP Designjet 500 in the EFI Designer Edition RIP for HP, which covers the lack of MAC OS X support for this product in the postscript path
  • Black Point Compensation added
    Using EFI technology. BPC gives our customers the option of keeping the colors accurate to a reference without loosing detail in black areas.
  • Wait dry time setting available
    Customers are now able to decide whether they want to apply the dry time or not. Its value by default is ‘ON’ to avoid damaging prints which have been printed previously.
  • Improved Remote Proofing format support
    Multiple copies of the document is now supported inside the remote proofing file. EFI Designer Edition only supports the integration of remote proofing files which have been generated by EFI products.
  • Layout management improvements
    Center in page setting added to the RIP
  • Rendezvous support on Mac OS X added
  • New improved error log
    Containing most of the setting values to ensure support is easier and to improve results.
  • Close Loop Color Calibration progress feedback
    The RIP shows different messages according to the status of the calibration process, it also shows different error messages when the process is interrupted.
  • Option to Save Preferences available
    Among other settings the customer will be able to save their settings in the color tab for use later.
  • Able to create Custom Paper Sizes
    Customers can now define a custom size indicating paper size and printer margins. The user-defined paper size is sent from the application to the RIP and applied in the job settings.

Issue found

One issue has been found:
  • Help needs to be opened from main EFI Designer Edition application
Effect: unable to open Help from the EFI Ink Assistant, EFI Profile Connector or EFI Color Editor
Cause: there is a problem on the link to the help file from these applications.
Workaround: help can be opened from the main EFI Designer Edition RIP application.
Path forward: This will be solved through a free downloadable patch available later. Please visit the HP Designjet Online support web site at: http://designjet.hp.com/tech_support for more information.






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