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HP Officejet Pro L7500, L7600, and L7700 All-in-One Printer Series - Installing Cartridges and Printheads


Follow the instructions in the order presented to install the cartridges and printheads for the first time.

Video of installing cartridges and printheads

The following video demonstrates how to replace a printhead.
The product shown in the video is the Officejet Pro L7780. The outside of the product might look different, but the steps are similar for your product.
If you have trouble viewing the video or to view the video in a different size, click here to play the video on YouTube.

Install the cartridges and printheads

Step one: Install the cartridges

In order for the HP All-in-One to work, all four cartridges must be correctlyinstalled.
Follow these steps to install the cartridges.
  1. Open the cartridge cover.
  2. Remove each cartridge from its package.
  3. Align each cartridge with its color-coded slot, and then insert the cartridge into the slot.
  4. Press down firmly on the cartridges until they snap into place.
  5. Close the cartridge cover.
      Figur : Install the cartridges
      Install the cartridges
    1. Open the cartridge cover.
    2. Remove the cartridges from the packages.
    3. Install the cartridges.
    4. Close the cartridge cover.

Step two: Install the printheads

Follow these steps to install the printheads.
  1. Open the top cover of the printer. Press and hold the OK button until the carriage moves to the left.
    Be careful not to proceed until the carriage is on the left side of the printer. If the carriage does not move to the left automatically, turn the printer off and back on and then try holding down the OK button again. The printhead can be damaged if the carriage is not all the way to the left for installation.
    Figur : Open the top cover
    Open the top cover
  2. If you are installing printheads for the first time, remove the cardboard cover from the printhead carriage.
    Figur : Remove the cardboard cover
    Remove the cardboard cover
  3. Lift the printhead latch.
    Figur : Lift the printhead latch
    View with printhead latch raised
  4. Before installing a printhead, shake the printhead up and down at least six timeswhile the printhead is still in its packaging.
    Figur : Shake the printhead six times
    Shake the printhead six times
  5. Remove the new printhead from its package, and then remove its orange protectivecaps.
    Do not shake the printheads after you remove the caps.
    Figur : Unpack the printhead and remove the orange caps
    Unpack the printhead and remove the orange caps
  6. Insert the printhead into its color-coded slot. The label on the printhead must matchthe label on the printhead latch.
    Figur : Insert the printheads
    Insert the printheads
  7. Press down firmly on the printhead to make sure of propercontact.
  8. Pull the printhead latch all the way forward, and then press down to properly engage the latch.
    You might have to apply some pressure to engage thelatch.
    Figur : Engage the latch
    Engage the latch
  9. Close the top cover.
    Figur : Close top cover
    Close top cover

Step three: Align the printheads

Whenever you insert or replace a printhead, the printer automatically aligns the printheads toprovide the best print quality. If theprinter does not print the alignment page automatically, start the alignment process manually.
If you installed the HP software that came with the printer, you can use the instructions in the left column below. If you did not, you can use the instructions in the right column.
HP software is installed
No HP software
  1. Make sure the printer is loaded with unused white paper.
  2. Open HP Solution Center, then click Settings, then Printer Toolbox.
  3. Select the Services tab, then click Align Printheads.
    Figur : Align Printheads
  4. The Align Printheads window opens. Click Align. The printer prints the alignment page.
  1. Make sure the printer is loaded with unused white paper.
  2. Press the Setup button on the control panel, and then press 6 on the keypad or scroll to Tools.
  3. Press 4 on the keypad or scroll to Align Printer.
  4. Press Okay, then press OK again when the alignment is done to continue.


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