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Clean the printheads

As long as the printer is kept turned on, automatic cleaning is performed periodically.

This ensures there is fresh ink in the nozzles and prevents nozzle clogs, which ensures color accuracy. If you have not already done so, see Image Diagnostics Print before proceeding.

To clean the printheads, go to the front panel and tap , then Clean printheads. If you have gone through the Image Quality Diagnostic print process, you know which colors are failing. Select the pair of printheads which contain the failing colors. If you are not sure which colors to clean, you can also select to clean all printheads. Cleaning all printheads takes about nine minutes. Cleaning a single pair of printheads takes about six minutes.


Cleaning all printheads uses more ink than cleaning a single pair.

If you have cleaned the printheads using the Clean printheads procedure from the front panel and are still experiencing print-quality problems, you can try cleaning the printhead nozzles manually using the following procedure.


This is a delicate process, which may damage the printhead. Do not touch the electrical connections on the rear of the printhead.

First remove the printhead (see Remove a printhead), then use a lint-free cloth to clean the bottom of the printhead until the residue is removed.

Cleaning the printhead nozzles