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Select margin options

By default, the printer leaves a 5 mm0.2 inch margin between the edges of your image and the edges of the paper.

However, you can change this behavior in several ways:

  • In the Windows V3 driver dialog: Select the Paper/Quality tab, and click the Cutter Settings button. In the Layout and Margins window, you can see the options described below.

  • In the Windows V4 driver dialog: Select the Layout tab. In the Layout Mode area, you can see the options described below.

    If you want to change the default cutter options, select the Output tab, and click Roll options.

  • In the macOS Print dialog: In the Margins/Layout panel, you can see the options described below. However, the available options depend on the paper size selected.

  • Using the front panel: Tap the Settings  icon , then Default printing configuration > Margins, to see the options described below.

You will see at least some of the following options.


  • 5 mm 197 mils

Margin layout:

  • Standard

  • Clip contents by margins

  • Oversize