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HP Designjet T-Series/Z-Series Printers - No Power or No Power Up Problems


Designjet T610
Designjet T620
Designjet T1100
Designjet T1120
Designjet T770
Designjet T1200
Designjet T790
Designjet T1300
Designjet T2300
Designjet Z2100
Designjet Z3100
Designjet Z3200
Designjet Z5200


No power
No power up problems


Unknown at this moment


This document explains the general troubleshooting procedure for solving no power up problems. Power supply problems can be easily mistaken for other startup problems like blank display, System Errors or messages on the front panel. This document is valid for: HP Designjet T-Series Printers: T610/T620/T1100/T1120/T1200/T770/T2300/T790/T1300 HP Designjet Z-Series Printers: Z2100/Z3100/Z3200/Z5200 Follow the steps listed below to accurately isolate and troubleshoot the problem. Troubleshooting:
1. Disconnect the power cord from any surge protectors, universal power supplies or other similar devices.
2. Check that the power cord is properly connected to the power supply on the back of the printer.
3. Check that the power switch on the back is in the On position.
4. Reconnect the power cord directly to a wall outlet. Press power button if needed to restart. 5. Check for any of the following behaviors: • Fan noise
• Beep sound
• Clicking sound
• Blank front panel (white background) • Light on the power button • Mechanics movement • Light on the Power Supply (see thought the net on the back, close to the power switch) • LEDs (I, II, III) on the formatter (only available for certain printers)
6. If no, problem persists, attempt to verify functionality.
7. If the problem persists, try another wall outlet and check behaviors. 8. If no, problem persists, attempt to verify functionality. 9. If the problem persists, try another power cord (if available) and check behaviors. 10. If no, problem persists, attempt to verify functionality. 11. If the problem persists (no power at all, not showing any of the already mentioned behaviors), definitely the Power Supply is the problem. Contact your HP Representative or call HP technical support.

• If the printer shows any of the previous behaviors, most likely the power Supply is Ok, unless there is a system error code referring to it. If so, or if any other system error code or message appears, call HP technical support to troubleshoot accordingly.
• Blank front panels (white background) are normally caused by a defective front panel, formatter, HDD (if available), internal cables or internal boards if the printer is unable to move internal mechanics while trying to initialize, In this cases (or if the printer shows System Error 08:11), it is important to unplug the printer, remove the formatter, remove its battery, wait some minutes, put the battery back in place, put the formatter back in place, plug the printer back in and restart. If the issue persists, call HP technical support to troubleshoot accordingly.
• The Front Panel is the problem only if it is blank (white background only) but internal mechanics move during initialization. Printer will be able to print. It is also the problem if it is not showing any kind of white background light but there are other behaviors like the ones already explained.
• For printers with LED on the formatter, check which ones are solid, blinking or if they are Off, after this contact HP technical support to troubleshoot the issue further, especially if there is blank display but no mechanics move during initialization.