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HP Designjet T120 and T520 ePrinter Series - How to Load a Roll into the Printer

Load a roll into the printer

To start this procedure, you must have a roll loaded on the spindle. See Load a roll onto the spindle chapter on User guide Page 33.
  1. From the front panel, press , then Load roll.
    This step is optional: if you just start feeding in roll paper, the printer recognizes that you want to load a roll.
  2. If your printer is a T520, open the roll cover.
  3. Insert the spindle into the printer, holding it by both ends. The blue hub should be on the left, as viewed from the front of the printer.
  4. If the edge of the roll is not straight or torn (sometimes due to tape used to hold end of the roll), pull the paper slightly and cut a straight edge.
  5. Insert the edge of the paper into the printer.
    Do not push your fingers inside the printer's paper path.
  6. Roll the paper into the printer until you feel resistance and the paper flexes slightly. When the printer detects the paper, it beeps, and feeds in the paper automatically.
  7. The front panel prompts you to select the paper category and type.
    If you do not see your paper type in the front panel, press More paper types. If you still cannot find your paper type in the whole list, see The paper type is not in the driverThe paper type is not in the driver.
  8. The printer checks the alignment and measures the width. If the roll is not correctly aligned, follow the instructions on the front-panel display.
  9. If your printer is a T520, close the roll cover.
If you have an unexpected issue at any stage of the paper loading process, see A The media is not loading successfully for tips and recommendations..
It is recommended to keep the printers Firmware up-to-date, the firmware contains fixes and product updates to help keep the printer performing optimally.