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HP Designjet H35000/H45000 Commercial/Scitex FB700/FB910/FB950/Scitex FB500 Industrial/ColorSpan Legacy Printer - Printer Shows "Waiting for Profilers" Message Before Printing


When a print job is sent to the printer, the printer control panel shows the message Waiting for Profilers. This message may last for only a few seconds or much longer before printing begins. In extreme cases, the print job is cancelled.


This message indicates that the printer is having difficulty communicating with one or more of the ink profilers inserted near the ink cartridges. To resolve, perform the following steps:
  1. Clear any messages currently shown on the control panel and allow the printer to return to an idle state.
  2. If the onset of this issue occurred after installing a new ink cartridge and profiler, locate that new profiler in the printer. Remove it from its connection slot and rotate it 180 degrees, so that the label on the profiler is now facing the opposite direction from what it was originally. Reinstall the profiler in this new orientation, then retry the printing operation.
  3. If no one specific ink cartridge has been recently replaced, remove all of the ink profilers and reinstall them one at time into their respective connection slots. When all profilers have been reinstalled, retry the printing operation.
  4. If still unsuccessful, perform the rotation procedure described above on each of the profilers present. When all profilers have been reseated, retry the printing operation.
  5. If still unsuccessful, shut down the printer using the power switch. Allow the software to fully shut down. When the printer has completed its shutdown procedure, remove all the ink profilers from their connection slots. Wait an additional five minutes, then power the printer back on, leaving the ink profilers removed. After the printer has fully restarted, reinstall the profilers one at a time, waiting ten seconds between insertions. When all profilers have been reinstalled, retry the printing operation.
If user continue to have this issues with the ink profilers, contact local or regional authorized HP service partner or contact the HP Customer Care Center in the region for further assistance.
An additional cause of this message is if the printer clock is not set.