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HP Designjet T790 and T1300 ePrinter Series - Remove a printhead

Remove a printhead

  let op:
Make sure the printer wheels are locked (the brake lever is pressed down) to prevent the printer from moving.
Afbeelding : Lock wheels
  let op:
Printhead replacement must be performed with the printer powered on.
  1. From the front panel, press , then , then Replace printheads.
    Alternatively, press , then , then Ink > Replace printheads.
  2. The printer moves the carriage into the correct position.
      let op:
    If the carriage is left in the removal position for more than three minutes without inserting or removing any printheads, it tries to move back to its normal position in the right-hand end.
  3. When the carriage has stopped moving, the front-panel display asks you to open the window.
    Afbeelding : Opening the window
  4. Locate the carriage on the right side of the printer.
  5. Pull the handle up and toward you to release the wire loop.
    Afbeelding : Releasing the latch on the carriage
  6. Push the handle back to raise the lid.
    Afbeelding : Releasing the latch on the carriage, step 2.
  7. This gives you access to the printheads.
    Afbeelding : Lifting the carriage lid
  8. To remove a printhead, lift up the blue handle.
    Afbeelding : Lifting the printhead handle
  9. Using the blue handle, use steady force to disengage the printhead.
    Afbeelding : Gripping the printhead handle
  10. Pull the blue handle upward until the printhead is released from the carriage.
      let op:
    Do not pull abruptly because this can damage the printhead.
    Afbeelding : Lifting the printhead
  11. The front-panel display identifies the missing printhead.