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HP Designjet T790 and T1300 ePrinter Series - Insert an ink cartridge

Insert an ink cartridge

  1. Before removing the cartridge from its wrapping, shake it vigorously.
  2. Unwrap the new ink cartridge, find the label identifying the ink color. Check that the letter or letters (in these illustrations, M for magenta) marking the empty slot, matches the letter or letters on the cartridge label.
  3. Insert the ink cartridge into its slot.
    Afbeelding : Inserting the cartridge
  4. Push the cartridge into the slot until it snaps into position. You should hear a beep and see confirmation that the cartridge has been inserted.
    Afbeelding : securing the cartridge
    If you have difficulty, see Cannot insert an ink cartridgeCannot insert an ink cartridge.
  5. When all cartridges have been inserted, close the cover.
    Afbeelding : Closing the cartridge cover
  6. The front-panel display confirms that all cartridges have been correctly inserted.