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HP Designjet Z5200ps Photo Printer - Clean the printhead drop detector

Clean the printhead drop detector

The printhead drop detector is a sensor that detects which nozzles on the printheads are not printing in order to substitute them for good printing nozzles. If particles, such as fibers, hair or paper pieces, block the sensor print-quality is affected.
When the front panel displays a warning message that the clean process is needed, you are recommended to clean the printhead drop detector. If you do not clean the printhead drop detector immediately, the printer continues working normally, however, the front panel display continues to show the warning.
Wear gloves to avoid getting ink on your hands.
Afbeelding : Protective gloves
  1. Turn off the printer at the front panel.
    Afbeelding : Power key
  2. To avoid an electric shock, switch the printer off and unplugged it.
    Afbeelding : Switch off
  3. Open the transparent window.
    Afbeelding : Open the transparent window
  4. Find the printhead drop detector beside the stored printhead carriage.
    Afbeelding : Printhead drop detector
  5. Remove any debris blocking the printhead drop detector.
  6. With a dry lint-free cloth, wipe the surface of the drop detector to remove any non-visible debris.
    Afbeelding : Clean printhead drop detector
  7. Close the window.
    Afbeelding : Close transparent window
  8. Plug in and switch on the printer.
    Afbeelding : Switch on
  9. Power the printer on at the front panel.
    Afbeelding : Power key