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HP Designjet Printers - Improved performance for HP Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl

The performance of HP Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl has been improved due to a change in supplier and a new color profile
Where to get the new profile
The new profile can be downloaded using the following link:
The improvements
As well a an improved color performance, the HP Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl now has an improved peel adhesion , 10-20% improved. The media is also stronger:
  • 21% higher in the printer direction
  • 14% higher in the cross section
  • 8% higher in the diagonal
The part number for this media is:
  • C6775A - 36in. x 40 ft
  • C6777A - 54in x 40ft
Media availability
The media is available now in all the regions except APJ, which is anticipated to be available by 10th September.
The list of HP Designjet Printers affected are the following: • HP Designjet 500 • HP Designjet; 510; HP Designjet 800;
  • HP Designjet 4000; 4020; 4500; 4520;
  • HP Designjet 5100; 5500; 4200 Scanner; 4500 Scanner; 4520 Scanner;
  • Entry level printers
  • HP Designjet T and Z series