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HP Designjet T1120 Printer Series - Replace the cutter

Replace the cutter

The cutter may need to be replaced once or twice during the life of the printer, depending on the total amount and thickness of paper used. The front panel advises when replacement is due. If you do not replace the cutter immediately, the printer continues working normally, but the front panel continues to remind you about the cutter.
To replace the cutter:
  1. If there is paper loaded in the printer, unload it.
  2. At the front panel, select the Setup menu icon , then Resets > Reset cutter life counters.
  3. After a brief pause, the printer turns itself off. The printhead carriage is parked on the right-hand side of the printer, and the cutter on the left-hand side.
    There is a risk of electric shock if you attempt to replace the cutter with the printer turned on.
  4. Lift the ink cartridge cover on the left-hand side of the printer.
    Afbeelding : Lift the cartridge cover
  5. Press the button behind the ink cartridges to release the cover of the left-hand end of the printer.
    Afbeelding : Release the left end cover
  6. Remove the left end cover.
    Afbeelding : Remove the left end cover
  7. Unscrew and remove the cutter stop using the TORX PLUS screwdriver provided with the new cutter. The screw is captive and will not fall out.
    Afbeelding : Unscrew the cutter stop
    Afbeelding : Remove the cutter stop
  8. Remove the old cutter.
    Afbeelding : Remove the cutter
  9. Take the new cutter from the maintenance kit and move the plunger at the top slowly back and forth within its housing to check that it moves freely.
    Afbeelding : Check the plunger
  10. Slide the new cutter into position on the cutter rail.
    Afbeelding : Insert the cutter
    The two wheels on the bottom of the cutter should engage the central ridge on the cutter rail, and the two bushing guides should fit into the groove in the upper part of the cutter rail.
    Afbeelding : Engage the cutter with the rail
    Check that the cutter runs smoothly up and down the rail. You can leave it anywhere on the rail; the printer will park it correctly later.
  11. Fit the cutter stop onto the end of the cutter rail, holding it there with one hand while you tighten the screw with the screwdriver in your other hand.
    Afbeelding : Fit the cutter stop
    Afbeelding : Tighten the screw
  12. Put the left end cover back on the printer, aligning the protrusions with the holes in the printer.
    Afbeelding : Replace the left end cover
  13. Close the ink cartridge cover.
    Afbeelding : Close the ink cartridge cover
  14. At the front panel, turn the printer back on. The printer checks that the cutter has been correctly installed. Look at the front panel and follow its instructions if there is any problem.