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HP Designjet Printers - PhotoShop CS3 custom page size tips and tricks

When printing from Photoshop CS3, if a custom page size is selected in the driver, the result is often printed in Letter, so a large part of the image is clipped. This document describes the settings to avoid this.
The application cannot correctly communicate the page size, and therefore uses the default, which is usually Letter.
The recommended way of selecting a page size in Photoshop CS3 is the following:
  1. Select File, Print, and select the page size in File (as Page Setup often does not work).
    Afbeelding : File, Print option
  2. In the Print dialog box, click on Page Setup to open the driver.
    Afbeelding : Page Setup selection
  3. Create the custom page size in the driver. When creating custom page sizes define them with a width smaller than the length. If necessary, change the orientation to landscape to adapt to your image. This recommendation applies also to previous versions of Photoshop.
    Afbeelding : Creating custom page size
  4. Click ok to go back to the Print menu. Select Print.
    Afbeelding : Print selection
  5. The Operating system Print menu will open. Select Preferences and then click on OK. You will not need to change any setting in the driver, but this extra step ensures that the custom page size is properly communicated between the application and the driver.
    Afbeelding : Print and Printing Preferences screens
  6. Click on Print.
    Afbeelding : Final Print screen