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HP Designjet Z2100/Z3100/Z3200 Photo Printer series - Replacing the Front Panel


Affected products:
HP Designjet T series: T610/T620/T1100/T1120/T1200/T770
HP Designjet Z2100/Z3100/Z3200/Z5200 Photo Printer series
This document will explain the process of removing and installing the front panel. This part is customer-replaceable.


  1. Turn Off the printer and remove the power cable. Open the window.
  2. Squeeze the top edge of the front panel and release the attachment clips.
  3. Tilt the front panel forward and isolate it from the main unit.
  4. Disconnect the interface cable from the front panel.
  5. Unclip the ferrite core from the front panel.
  6. Remove the front panel.
  7. Repeat the steps above in reverse order to install the front panel.
    When re-installing the front panel, make sure that the ferrite core is installed and correctly positioned. The ferrite core is necessary to avoid electrostatic interference.