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HP Displays - Accessibility overview

HP monitors enable you to find and configure display settings directly from your monitor, without needing to use an external device like a computer, using multiple types of accessibility enhancements.

These accessibility enhancements include the following:

  • Built-in accessibility features

  • Accessibility Mode

  • Speech Access Module (SAM) for Displays

Built-in accessibility features

The following accessibility features are built into the monitor.

  • Physical buttons or a Joypad that are tactilely discoverable.

  • Physical button or Joypad labels are displayed on-screen.

  • On-Screen Display (OSD) menu

    • Menu items, text, and elements meet a 4.5:1 (or greater) contrast ratio.

    • Focus indication is provided.

What is Accessibility Mode?

Accessibility Mode enables you to use audio navigation and to enlarge items on the screen.

When you turn on Accessibility Mode, the following adjustments are made:

  • Menu timeout setting is set to the maximum duration of 60 seconds (default is 30 seconds).

  • Language is set to English, which is the only language currently supported in Accessibility Mode. When Accessibility Mode is turned off, the previous language is used.

  • On FHD monitors, the OSD menu is set to a fixed position in the lower-right quadrant of the screen.

  • Menu items, text, and other elements meet a 4.5:1 contrast ratio or greater.

  • Text is enlarged to a 4.8 mm or larger font size.

  • If the monitor has SAM for Displays installed and either built-in speakers or a 3.5 mm headphone jack, an OSD menu reader is turned on (English only). Status messages, interface items, and values are spoken aloud.

How do you turn Accessibility Mode on or off?

Turn Accessibility Mode on or off using either physical monitor controls or an OSD menu.

  • Using physical monitor controls

    • On a monitor with a Next Input button, press and hold the button for four seconds to turn Accessibility Mode on or off.

      Next Input button example
    • On a monitor with a Joypad, press and hold the center of the Joypad for four seconds to turn Accessibility Mode on or off.

      OSD button example

    When Accessibility Mode is turned on using a physical button, an Accessibility Mode is On message is displayed. When Accessibility Mode is turned off using a physical button, an Accessibility Mode is Off message is displayed. In both cases, the message is spoken aloud if SAM for Displays is enabled.

    Accessibility On or Off message
  • Using the OSD menu

    • To turn on Accessibility Mode, set the language to English, and then select Management > Accessibility > On.

    • To turn off Accessibility Mode, select Management > Accessibility > Off.

    OSD menu

What is SAM for Displays?

Speech Access Module (SAM) for Displays is a free module that provides screen reading capabilities for the OSD. You can hear the following OSD button action and navigation items using SAM for Displays:

  • Selected video input

  • Adjusted volume level

  • Configured display settings

  • Current monitor status (no input, sleep, on or off)

  • Other on-device functions

SAM for Displays functions independently of other devices, allowing you to navigate the screen without connecting additional devices.

Install the SAM for Displays module

SAM is free for U.S.-based customers who purchased their monitor on or after December 20, 2021. Contact the HP Accessibility Customer Support Team by phone or email and HP installs the module for you.

  1. Contact the HP Accessibility Customer Support Team. See Accessibility contact information.

  2. A support agent helps you mail your monitor to HP.

  3. HP installs the SAM for Displays module.

  4. HP returns a monitor to you at no additional charge.

Accessibility contact information

You can contact HP to install SAM for Displays and to learn more about accessibility at HP.

  • To install SAM for Displays, contact the Accessibility Customer Support Team.

    • Call 1-800-474-6836, and then follow the prompts to speak with a member of the Accessibility Customer Support Team.

    • Email the Accessibility Customer Support Team at accessibility.support@hp.com.

  • For additional information, contact the HP Office of Aging & Accessibility by filling out the form at https://enable.hp.com/accessibility-aging.






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