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HP LaserJet Tank 1020, 1500, 2500 printers - Replacement printer instructions (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Before you send your printer to HP for replacement, prepare it for shipping and save important parts and accessories to use with the replacement printer.

Prepare the printer for return

Prepare the printer to be returned to HP.

  1. Turn off the printer, and then disconnect the power cord.

  2. Disconnect any other cables connected to the printer.

  3. Open the input tray cover.

  4. Remove any paper from the input tray.

  5. Remove the input tray.

  6. Find a box that is large enough to hold the printer, input tray, and packing material, such as the original box the printer came in.

  7. Pack the printer securely with the original foam or other packing material, place the printer in the box, and then tape the box closed.

Set aside the parts needed for the replacement printer

Set aside the following parts to be used with your replacement printer. Do not send these parts to HP.

  • Power cord

    Image: Power cord
  • USB cable

    Image: USB cable
  • Printer manuals

    Image: Printer manuals

Set up the replacement printer

Make sure your replacement printer works properly before returning your previous printer to HP.

  1. Unpack the replacement printer from the box, connect the power cable, set your preferences, and then load plain paper in the input tray.

  2. Go to to install the recommended printer software or app to complete the setup and connect to your computer or mobile device.

  3. Test all printer functions to make sure the printer is working properly.

  4. Return your original printer to HP using the instructions that came with the replacement printer.