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HP Business PCs - Using HP Easy Clean

HP Easy Clean enables you to sanitize your PC without turning it off or switching it to sleep mode. HP Easy Clean freezes all functions of your PC, allowing you to physically sanitize and clean your PC components like the keyboard, screen, camera, and/or touchpad.

Open and use HP Easy Clean

Open HP Easy Clean in Windows to start sanitizing your PC.

  1. In Windows, search for and open HP Easy Clean.


    When using HP Easy Clean for the first time, read and agree to the ULA and permission requests.

    HP Easy Clean tile
  2. HP Easy Clean opens. Click Lock to disable PC functions to allow you to clean your devices, or click Cancel to exit HP Easy Clean.


    Before you click Lock, disconnect any PS/2 devices from your PC.

    Selecting Lock in HP Easy Clean
  3. When you click Lock, a two-minute timer is displayed. During these two minutes, you can safely sanitize your PC and accessories.

    HP Easy Clean in sanitation mode

    You can exit at any time by pressing the key-press combination shift + alt + L on devices with an external keyboard. This key-press combination is not supported on devices that have only an on-screen keyboard, because all computer functions are locked.

    When the sanitation time ends, the computer displays Done, and you can start using your PC. Press any key or click Exit to exit the application.

    HP Easy Clean Exit button highlighted

Frequently asked questions

Review the following frequently asked questions about HP Easy Clean.