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Samsung ProXpress MFP SL-C4060, SL-C4062 - Loading Paper in the Tray

Tray overview

    Figure : Paper tray
  1. Tray extend lever
  2. Paper length guide
  3. Paper width guide
  4. Paper limit mark
If users do not adjust the guide, it might cause paper registration, image skew, or jamming of the paper.

Changing the tray size

To change the size, users need to adjust the paper guides.

To change the size to A4 or Letter

The tray is preset to Letter or A4 size, depending on the country/region. Users must adjust the lever and paper width guide properly.
  1. Pull the tray out of the printer. Remove paper from the tray if necessary.
  2. When necessary, to change the size to Letter, hold the lever at the back of the tray, and rotate the lever clockwise.
    Figure : Lever
  3. Squeeze the paper width guide and slide it to the edge of the lever.
    Figure : Width guide
If users want to change the size to A4, first move the paper width guide to left and rotate the lever counterclockwise. If users force the lever, it might damage the tray.

To change the size to Legal (LGL)

Push button as shown and pull out the tray.
Figure : Legal

Loading paper in the tray

Illustrations on this user guide might differ from the printer depending on its options or models. Check the printer type, see Front view.

Tray 1 and optional tray

  • The procedure is same for all optional trays.
  • Do not push the paper width guide too far causing the paper to warp.
  • If users do not adjust the paper width guide, it might cause paper jams.
    Figure : Width guides adjustment
  • Do not use a paper with a leading-edge curl, it might cause a paper jam or the paper can be wrinkled.
    Figure : Paper curls
  1. Pull out the paper tray.
    Figure : Paper tray, open
  2. Adjust the paper width and length guides.
    Figure : Paper guides
  3. Flex and fan the paper.
    Figure : Flex and fan
  4. Insert the paper.
    Figure : Insert paper
  5. Adjust paper width and length guides to fit the paper.
      Figure : Adjust paper guides
    1. Width guide
    2. Length guide
  6. Slide in the paper tray.
    Figure : Paper tray, close
When printing a document, set the paper type and size for the tray, see Tray settings.

Multipurpose tray

The multipurpose tray can hold special sizes and types of print material, such as postcards, note cards, and envelopes. See Print paper specifications.
Tips on using the multipurpose tray:
  • Load only one type, size and weight of print paper at a time in the multipurpose tray.
  • To prevent paper jams, do not add paper while printing when there is still paper in the multipurpose tray. This also applies to other types of print paper.
  • To prevent paper jams, do not pull out the paper tray while printing is in progress from the multipurpose tray or the printing will stop. Make sure that the paper tray is inserted.
  • Always load the specified print paper only to avoid paper jams and print quality problems, see Print paper specifications.
  • Flatten any curl on postcards, envelopes, and labels before loading them into the multipurpose tray.
  • When printing the special paper, users must follow the loading guideline. See Printing on special paper.
  • When papers overlap when printing using multipurpose tray, open Tray 1 and remove overlapping papers then try printing again.
  1. Open the multipurpose tray, and pull out the tray extension.
      Figure : Multipurpose tray, open
    1. MP tray door
    2. Tray extension
  2. Insert paper in the multipurpose tray.
    Figure : Insert paper
  3. Squeeze the multipurpose tray paper width guides and adjust them to the width of the paper. Do not force too much, otherwise the paper will bend resulting in a paper jam or skew.
    Figure : Paper width guides
When printing a document, set the paper type and size for the multipurpose tray. For information about setting the paper type and size on the control panel, see Tray settings.






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