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Samsung MultiXpress MFP SL-K4250-K4350, Color MFP SL-X4220-X4300 - Basic Scanning

This document explains the usual procedure for scanning with your printer.

Basic scanning

Use these steps to scan a document.
  1. Tap Scan & Send from the home screen or Apps.
  2. Place the originals face up in the DSDF or place a single original face down on the scanner glass and close the DSDF.
  3. Adjust the settings in the Send tab and More tab.
  4. Select a destination using Add Destination, + Me, Email, SMB, FTP, Box, USB, PC or Address book.
  5. Tap Start from the control panel to begin the scan.
    To cancel the current print job, select Stop, then Job Status on the control panel, and then delete the current print job.