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HP Designjet T1120 MFP Product Series - Create a Media Profile

Your system supports color matching between scanner, printer and media type through Media Profiles. A Media Profile must exist for each type of media (glossy, coated…) applied with your printer.
In most cases, color matching and Media Profiles are administrated by the system and their application is transparent for the user. Right after you load new media on your printer, you select the media type in the printer’s settings menus. If a Media Profile for the media type exists, your system automatically loads it for optimal color matching of your copy.
There are however 2 cases that will require your attention:
  1. No Media Profile was found: If the system does not already contain a Media Profile for the current media, you will need to create one. A message-dialog will inform you when you need to create a Media Profile and display a button that takes you to the Create Media Profile wizard (see below).
  2. Your colors are not optimal: Some of the Default media profiles supplied with the system are generic and may not be optimal with all media types. Also, current conditions may not be optimal for even specific media profiles. If your trials show the need for improved color matching, you should update (renew) the current Media Profile through the Create Media Profile wizard. Instructions follow below.
To update (renew) the current media profile:
  1. Make sure your printer’s media type setting corresponds with the loaded media.
  2. Make a trial copy with the current Media Profile to evaluate if it needs to be updated.
  3. Press Options -> Printer Options
    Figure : Printer Options dialog
  4. The Printer Options dialog displays information about your printer and shows the "Current media" which is the media setting made on printer device’s main menu. The "Media profile" value will show either: - “Default” – the media profile for the current media was supplied with the program and has not been updated. - “Created” dd-mm-yyyy – the current media profile has been created/ updated on the date specified. - “Not Created” – the system has not found a media profile for the current media.
  5. If you see the status “Not Created”, you need to create a media profile in order to make a copy. Press the Create Profile button to start the Create Media Profile wizard.
  6. If the "Media profile" status is Created or Default and you are satisfied with the color matching results in your trails, press OK to close the dialog.
  7. If the "Media profile" status is Created or Default but your colors are not optional in your trials, press the Update Profile button to start the Create Media Profile wizard.
The Create Media Profile wizard
  • The wizard is for both creating a new Media Profile and for updating an existing one. Follow the wizard’s instructions on your screen.
  • The process will require that you print a system-stored color patch sheet and then scan it. The system will take care of the rest.
When you select to print the color patch sheet from the wizard, 2 sheets are output. The first sheet is not needed for for the process and should be discarded. The second sheet printed (see image below) is the color patch sheet you will need to feed into the scanner for creating the media profile.
Figure : Color patch sheet
  • The Media Profile creation date will be updated when you complete the process.
    Figure : Create Media Profile dialog






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