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HP Photosmart 320, 330, 370, and 380 Series Printers - 'Print Cartridge Cradle is Stuck / Clear Jam and Then Press OK' Error Message Displays on the Printer LCD


The error Print cartridge cradle is stuck / clear jam and then press OK displays on the printer screen. The carriage assembly, which holds the cartridge, stalls against the left side of the printer. The printer may also make grinding sounds. A paper jam may have occurred previously.
These symptoms may be caused by other issues. The instructions provided below will NOT resolve every issue that may cause these symptoms.


Follow the steps below until the issue is resolved. All of the following steps may not be necessary to resolve the issue.

Step one: Perform a power reset

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  2. Let the printer rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Re-connect the power cord to the printer.
  4. Try the print job again to see if this step resolved the issue.
    • If the issue is resolved, you do not need to continue with the rest of the instructions on this page.
    • If the issue is not resolved, continue to the next step.

Step two: Clear any paper jams or obstructions

  1. Turn off the printer by pressing the Power button.
  2. If the optional HP Photosmart Internal Battery is not installed in the printer, unplug the printer power cord. Wait about 10 seconds, then plug the power cord back in.
  3. If the optional HP Photosmart Internal Battery is installed in the printer, unplug the printer power cord, if it is plugged in. Open the battery compartment cover and remove the battery. Wait about 10 seconds, then reinstall the battery. If desired, plug in the power cord.
  4. Turn on the printer. The printer checks for paper in the paper path and will automatically eject the jammed paper. Press OK to continue.
    If the error still occurs, continue to the next step.
  5. If the paper came part way through the front of the printer, gently pull the paper towards you to remove it.
  6. If the paper did not come part way through the front of the printer, try removing it from the back of the printer:
    1. Remove the paper from the In tray, then push in the catches to release the In tray.
      Figure : In tray catches
    2. Open the In tray to a horizontal position.
    3. Gently pull the jammed paper to remove it from the back of the printer.
    4. Before you lift the In tray to close it, make sure it is pushed all the way to the right on its hinges.
      Figure : Pushing the tray to the right before closing
    5. Lift the In tray up until it snaps back into paper-loading position.
  7. Open and close the print cartridge door on the front of the printer to make sure it is securely latched.
    Figure : Opening and closing the print cartridge door

Step three: Remove and re-install the print cartridge

  1. Disconnect the universal serial bus (USB) cable from the printer if the printer is connected to a computer.
  2. Open the print cartridge access door of the printer.
    The images below might not look like your printer, but the instructions are the same.
    Figure : Opening the print cartridge access door
  3. Press down on the end of the cartridge to release it.
    Figure : Releasing the cartridge
  4. Close the cartridge access door.
  5. Plug the power cord back into the printer or if you are using a battery, reinstall the battery.
  6. Turn on the printer.
  7. After the printer turns on, it should display a "Cartridge is missing" message on the LCD.
  8. Hold the print cartridge so the nozzles are down and the contacts face toward the printer, then slide the cartridge into the carriage.
    Avoid touching the nozzles or contacts.
    1. Contacts
    2. Nozzles
    Figure : Installing the cartridge
  9. Press the cartridge into the carriage until it snaps into place.
  10. Close the cartridge access door.
  11. The printer should display the date and time normally.
  12. Try the print job again to see if this step resolved the issue.

Step four: Service the printer

Service or replace your HP product if the issue persists after completing all the preceding steps.
Go to Contact HP Customer Support to schedule a product repair or replacement. If you are in Asia Pacific, you will be directed to a local service center in your area.
To confirm your warranty status, go to HP Product Warranty Check. Repair fees might apply for out-of-warranty products.






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