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HP and Compaq PCs - Using Sonic RecordNow! 7

This document pertains to HP and Compaq PCs with CD or DVD writable drives and Sonic RecordNow! CD and DVD burning software.
RecordNow! is used to copy discs, write individual files or folders to a disc, or create various audio discs. Use the sections in this document to perform the tasks available in Sonic RecordNow! 7.

Creating a data CD or DVD

Use the following steps to create a data disc:
  1. Open RecordNow!.
  2. Insert a blank or appendable disc into the CD/DVD writer drive. An appendable disc can be a disc that has already been recorded on and not finalized (for more information, see the section on finalizing).
  3. From the main menu, click the Data Project tab, and choose Data Disc.
  4. Click Add Files and Folders button.
    A file browsing window opens.
  5. Select files from the browsing window and then click the Add button.
    It is also possible to drag and drop the files and/or folders directly from Windows Explorer into the directory structure area.
    Continue adding files until all files are added or until there is no more remaining space on the disc.
      Figure : Data disc area
    1. Volume Label field
    2. Add Files and Folders button
    3. Directory structure area
    4. Load Disc button
  6. After all files and folders have been selected, click Burn to begin the write operation.
  7. The CD or DVD ejects automatically when the disc is complete.
  8. To make another copy, insert a blank disc and click Make Another (not for appended CDs).
  9. To save the work to create the same disc later, click Save and a current data project is stored to the hard disk for further use (not for appended CDs).
  10. To create a label for the disc, click Disc Label to open the Sonic Express labeler software (printer required).

Creating a data disc from a previously saved data project

Use the following steps to create a data disc from a project file stored on the hard drive:
  1. Open Record Now.
  2. Click the Saved projects icon , located on the top of the application window.
  3. A window appears with previously saved data projects. Select a project and click Start Project.
  4. Follow steps 4 through 10 in the Creating a Data CD or DVD section to finish creating a disc.

Creating a disc image

A disc image is a file containing all information stored on a disc. This disc image is a file and can be stored and delivered as a data file (like being sent over a network). RecordNow! can re-create CD copies of the original CD from the file. To create a disc image file, use the following steps:
RecordNow! 7 creates a proprietary global image (.GI) file of CD or DVD discs.
  1. Select the Backup Projects tab and select the Save Image option.
  2. Insert the disc to be imaged into a CD or DVD drive and click the same drive name in Sonic RecordNow! when it appears.
  3. By default, RecordNow! automatically assigns an image file name based on the date and time. The default file location for the image file is the My Documents folder. If you want, you can browse to a different location or enter a different filename.
  4. Click Save to create the file.

Creating a disc from an image file (.gi, .iso)

RecordNow! can re-create CD copies from disc image files. To create a disc use the following steps:
  1. Insert a blank recordable disc into the CD/DVD writer drive.
    From the main menu, click the Backup Projects tab, and click Burn Image.
  2. Click the Browse button.
  3. Browse to the desired image file, highlight the file and click the Add button. Ensure the CD/DVD Writer is the device to record to, and click the Burn button.
    The CD or DVD is ejected automatically when the copy is completed.

Erasing or Finalizing a disc

Single-session data DVDs (those closed after recording the disc the first time), are more compatible with standard DVD-ROM drives and Home DVD Players. Multi-session formatted discs are more convenient in some ways because they allow more files to be added later. RecordNow! allows for the creation of multi-session discs. To do so, choose the appropriate option:
  1. Click the Options icon and go to the Data section.
  2. Choose I would like to use discs for more than one recording if you want to enable multissesion DVDs, or choose I only need to use discs for one recording if you want to create single-session DVDs.:

Erasing a rewritable disc

Use the following steps to erase a CD-RW, DVD+RW, or DVD-RW disc with RecordNow!:
  1. Insert the disc you want to erase in the CD/DVD writer.
  2. Open RecordNow! and click Erase Disc.
    All data on the disc will be permanently erased. A warning message appears for confirmation.
      Figure : RecordNow! 7.xx - Erasing or finalizing a disc
    1. Erase Disc option
    2. Finalize Disc option
  3. Click Yes and a new window displays the erasing progress.
    Once finished, the disc ejects and is available for further writing.

Finalizing a recordable disc

If you want to prevent a CD-R, DVD+R, or DVD-R from further writing and possibly make it more compatible with other players, it is recommended that the disc is finalized. No more recording sessions can be added once a disc is finalized.
  1. Insert the disc you want to finalize in the CD/DVD recorder.
  2. Open RecordNow! and click Finalize Disc.
    A confirmation dialog appears. When confirmed, the disc is finalized.






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