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HP iPAQ hx4700 Series Pocket PC - Overview

Product description

Introducing the new powerful HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC, a Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC designed for fast, versatile mobile computing both in and out of the office.

Product features

Product Features
Intel PXA270 624 MHz Processor
The HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC is among the first products to market with the new 624 MHz Intel PXA270 Processor for high performance.
4.0-inch VGA Display
Visually stunning 4.0-inch transflective, TFT VGA 64K color display provides one of the highest resolution Pocket PC screens. The HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC provides VGA (640 x 480) experience with rich content display and broad application compatibility in either portrait or landscape modes.
Enhanced Security for Data and Wireless Connection
  • Data encryption and authentication from HP Protect Tools powered by Credant provides increased protection for data stored on your iPAQ. With this application, email, calendar, contacts and files stored in main memory or memory cards are automatically encrypted. If your device is lost or stolen, access to the device is protected by PIN or password authentication
  • Full VPN and WEP enhanced security included in the Microsoft OS. A VPN provides enhanced security when accessing your secured corporate information over the Internet.4 WEP provides 64-bit and 128-bit encryption security for an authorized connection and data transfer when connected via a WLAN.
  • Advanced level of security for wireless communication with support for (Cisco) LEAP, 802.1X, and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)
Integrated WLAN 802.11b
The HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC allows you to connect at the office, at home, or in the growing number of WLAN hot spots, such as coffee shops, hotels, and airports. Wireless connectivity allows you access to important information quickly.
Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology
Integrated Bluetooth allows for wireless communication with other Bluetooth devices.
Integrated IrDA FIR (fast infrared)
Provides you with yet another fast (up to 4 Mbps), cable-free method of moving data wirelessly between other FIR equipped devices; also communicates with slower (115 Kbps) SIR (serial infrared) devices.
New integrated touchpad
Unique integrated touchpad with mouse-like cursor makes navigation easy and fun.
Longer battery life
The 1800 mAh removable/rechargeable lithium-ion battery is easy to install, remove, and recharge with an internal bridge battery to allow users to quickly swap batteries without losing valuable data.
Integrated Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) slots
Integrated Compact Flash Type II (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) slots provide significant additional storage and functionality.
Increased memory
The iPAQ File Store is non-volatile memory used to store critical data, databases, and other important files.
Backup and restore
To ensure the protection of data on the device, iPAQ Backup is an application on the iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC that allows fast and easy backup and restore, selective backup and restore, scheduled backup, password protection, and compression of the backup file.
Advanced power management
This feature is useful for changing the battery usage time by adjusting the standby period.

Software overview

Software Overview
Pre-Installed Software (On the ROM)
Bluetooth Phone Manager
HP Protec Tools powered by Credant
Asset Viewer
HP Cert Enroller
How do I guide….
hp button lock applet
HP Image Zone for Pocket PCs
HP Mobile Print SDK (MATT2)
iPAQ Wireless Power/Brightness/Audio Applets
Self Test
Format Storage App
Personal Dockware (screen saver)
hp PIE Startup Page (VGA)
HP Today Theme
iPAQ Backup
Pocket Informant
ClearVue Suite (Power Point and PDF)
Bluetooth Manager
Programs on the Companion CD
hp Web Registration
Important Safety Info - PDF
Option Guides User's Guide - PDF
WW phone numbers
ListPro (Trial)
VTGo (Trial)
Presenter-To-Go (w/ WLAN)
Active Sync
Avant Go
Media Player Desktop
Microsoft Games
Outlook Desktop
BVRP - Live updater
File Explorer 2003 (Trial)
Sprite Upgrade
Location Based (Trial)
ClearVue Suite (Word and Excel)
Afaria Management
Pocket SlideShow
Pocket Map - City Guide
PhotoSmart 245 Printer
HP Help and Support
Synaptics Navpoint Tutorial

Warranty information

Terms of warranty apply to the individual model purchased. To see if your HP product is still in warranty, go to the HP Product Warranty Check page.






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