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HP Designjet 100 and 100plus Series Printers - AutoCAD Information

All AutoCAD releases

When Using Windows System Driver for Printing:
Faster color printing
When printing in color, and speed is more important than color accuracy, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Color tab.
  2. Select No color correction.
Printing all lines in black
To print a vector drawing with all lines in black, do the following:
  1. Select the CAD tab.
  2. Select Use only black.

AutoCAD 2000 and newer versions

A special driver for AutoCAD 2000 is not necessary: use the normal HP Designjet driver for Windows. This driver contains some optimizations for AutoCAD that are activated automatically when the driver is used with AutoCAD 2000. For more information on using this driver with AutoCAD 2000 and newer versions, use the Hints button in AutoCAD's Page Setup dialog box.

AutoCAD release 13 and 14 for Windows

Hewlett-Packard provides HP-GL/2 drivers specifically designed for AutoCAD Release R.13, and 14. It is strongly recommended to install and use these drivers to print from these releases of AutoCAD.
Please refer to the document AutoCAD Drivers for HP Plotters and Printers (supplied with the printer) for further details.
Paper size selection - Print Configuration dialog box
From AutoCAD's Print Configuration dialog box it is possible to view the available paper sizes by using two different methods:
  1. Print Setup - Click Device and Default Selection button to display its dialog box, then click Change Device Requirements button to display the Print Setup dialog box, then click the Size button.
  2. Basic Setup - Select Edit Paper List from the bottom of the Paper Size drop-down list.
    If a paper size is selected from the Size drop-down menu of the Print Setup dialog box it will affect the menu of paper sizes seen when the Paper Sizes dialog box is displayed. The list of paper sizes will be limited to all known sizes smaller than or equal to the size currently selected in the Print Setup dialog box. This size is renamed here to MAX and adjusted to take into account the margins used by AutoCAD.
    Recommendation: When the decision to use a particular paper size has been made, ensure that it is currently selected in the Print Setup dialog box. Always select the size called MAX in the Paper sizes dialog box.

Rendering options in AutoCAD 13

If the prints are black or badly colored, check the Color Depth option, which can be found in the Options menu in AutoCAD's Render window. If it is set to 8 bits per pixel, try changing to 24 bits per pixel. It will be necessary to render the plot again to make the change effective.
For this printer Model, it is necessary that with AutoCAD R.13 and 14, the windows driver is installed. The ADI driver uses the windows driver to create understandable information for the printer.

AutoCAD LT 97

Hewlett Packard recommends printing with the Autodesk driver if the device is supported by that driver

AutoCAD 11 for Windows

Hewlett Packard recommends printing with the Autodesk driver that was automatically loaded when AutoCAD was installed .
Follow the steps below to ensure that the recommended driver in AutoCAD has been selected.
  1. From the AutoCAD main menu, choose Configure AutoCAD from the Utilities menu.
  2. Read the text to the right of Printer. If it says, Hewlett-Packard HP-GL/2 V1.0 ADI 4 by Autodesk, the printer configuration is correct and nothing else needs to be done; if it says something different, continue with the next step.
  3. Press Enter and type 5 to select Configure printer.
  4. Type Y to the question, Do you want to select a different one?, and type 6 to select Hewlett-Packard HP-GL/2 V1.0 ADI 4.1
  5. By Autodesk answer any remaining questions and return to the main menu. Be sure to save the configuration changes just made.






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