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HP Inkjet Print Cartridges - HP 28 Inkjet Print Cartridge Specifications

Product name and part number

Product name
Part number
HP 28 Tri-color Inkjet print cartridge

Regional part numbers on the package

The last character of the cartridge part number on the package reflects the country/region in which the cartridge is sold. For example, a cartridge with a part number ending in ‘N’ is sold in the US, while one ending in "L" is sold in Latin America. The following table shows the worldwide product numbers for HP 28 print cartridges:
Part number
North America
Middle East
Latin America
Asia Pacific

HP Inkjet printer compatibility

The HP 28 print cartridge may be used in the following printers:
HP Deskjet printers
HP Printer/scanner/copier
HP Deskjet 3300 series
HP PSC 1210 series
HP Deskjet 3400 series
HP PSC 2100 series
HP Deskjet 5550 series

Ink volume and approximate page count

The actual print cartridge life depends on the printer used, and may vary from cartridge to cartridge. Use the table below as a guideline to determine how many pages the print cartridge will print.
Ink volume
Approximate page count
HP 28
8 ml
190 (based on 15% density)

Cartridge maintenance

Proper use and handling will provide high print quality and longer print cartridge life. Print at least once a month to keep the nozzles clear and the print cartridges in good working order. The printer automatically primes, cleans, and caps the cartridges to maintain optimum print quality; these operations are not visible to users. Refer to the following table for guidance on storing and handling HP Inkjet cartridges:
Do not
Keep Inkjet cartridges sealed in the original packaging until ready to use. Ink can evaporate through the nozzles and the plastic body, reducing ink product life. Therefore, ink products have a longer life when sealed in the packaging.
Do not reapply tape to a tri-color print cartridge. Attempting to reapply the tape can cause colors to mix, ruining the cartridge.
After removing the cartridge from its packaging, store it in the printer in the "home” position to help prevent ink from drying out in the nozzles. This will also minimize the risk of contamination with airborne dust particles.
If you must remove a cartridge from the printer:
  1. Place the cartridge in an air-tight, rigid plastic container. Use the cartridge protector provided with HP photo cartridges, if available, to keep the nozzles from touching the container.
  2. Store the color cartridge with nozzles down.
    Store the blackcartridge with nozzles up.
  3. Seal the container.
  4. Store at room temperature.
Do not allow the nozzles on the bottom of the cartridge to touch the bottom or side of the rigid plastic container. If the nozzles contact the container, the ink colors could mix, or ink could drain out of the cartridge.
Do not re-tape the cartridge.
Do not place the cartridge in a plastic bag.
Turn the printer off by pressing the power button. Turning the power button off directs the printer to cap the cartridge in the service station which helps prevent ink from drying in the nozzles.
Do not unplug the printer without first turning it off by pressing the Power button. This will leave the cartridge vulnerable to evaporation and dust contamination.
Store Inkjet print cartridges at room temperature.
It is not necessary to refrigerate Inkjet print cartridges.
Store packaged Inkjet print cartridges in an upright position.
Do not store a packaged Inkjet print cartridge on its side or upside-down for long periods of time.

Recommended environmental conditions

Operating temperature
Ideal: room temperature (no extremes)
Min: 15 degrees Celsius
Max: 35 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature
Min: -15 degrees Celsius
Max: 35 degrees Celsius
Altitude restrictions
Target: 8,000 ft
Max: 17,000 ft
The HP 28 print cartridge is not designed to be transported in printers at high altitudes, such as on airplanes.

Install-before date

Be sure to install and begin using the HP Inkjet cartridge before the install-before date printed on the cartridge package.


Each HP print and ink cartridge is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship until the HP ink is depleted or the end-of-warranty date has been reached, whichever occurs first. The end-of warranty date is printed on the cartridge in the YYYY/MM/DD format, as shown in .
Figure : Locating the end-of-warranty date
If your HP print cartridge is defective, contact HP or your retailer before the end-of-warranty date. Warranty does not cover empty or refilled products, or products that have been remanufactured, refurbished, misused or tampered with, or products receiving a printer-generated expiration message.
For complete warranty information, refer to the document titled HP Ink Cartridges – Limited Warranty for HP Cartridges.

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