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HP LaserJet Pro 4001-4004, MFP 4101-4104 - Load paper to Tray 1 (multipurpose tray)

The following information describes how to load paper into Tray 1.

Load Paper Tray 1

Follow these steps to load paper in Tray 1.

  1. Open Tray 1 by grasping the handles on the left and right side of the tray and pulling down.

    Open Tray 1
  2. Slide out the tray extension.

    Slide out tray extension
  3. For long paper, flip out the tray extension to support the paper.

    Flip out tray extension
  4. Press down on the tab on the right paper guide, and then spread the paper guides to the correct size.

    Press down on right paper guide tab and spread paper guides
  5. Load the paper into the tray. Make sure that the paper fits under the tabs and below the maximum height indicators.

    For information about how to orient the paper, see Tray 1 paper orientation.

    Load paper
  6. Press down on the tab on the right paper guide, and then adjust the paper guides so that they lightly touch the paper stack but do not bend the paper.

    Adjust the guides
  7. At the computer, begin the printing process from the software application. Make sure that the driver is set to the correct paper type and size for the paper being printed from the tray.

Tray 1 paper orientation

When using paper that requires a specific orientation, load it according to the information in the following table.

Tray 1 paper orientation

Paper type


How to load paper

Letterhead or preprinted

1-sided printing


Top edge leading into the printer

Paper orientation

Letterhead or preprinted

2-sided printing


Bottom edge leading into the printer

Paper orientation