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HP Web Jetadmin - Alternate Log-in Method for User Security

HP Web Jetadmin uses the single sign-on functionality to pass the identity of the user currently logged into Windows on the client, to the server where HP Web Jetadmin is installed. HP Web Jetadmin authenticates this identity through local Windows users on the server or through Windows domain identities.

In some cases, the client and server might not reside on the same Windows security domain or on any Windows security domain. If HP Web Jetadmin fails to authenticate this identity for any reason, it displays an alternate log-in prompt. Users can then enter log-in credentials other than the credentials for the current Windows session on the client.

The alternate log-in prompt is useful in a variety of situations, such as the following:

  • An authorized HP Web Jetadmin user needs to access HP Web Jetadmin from the desktop of an unauthorized user.

  • The HP Web Jetadmin server is on a security domain. The user has a log-in identity on the security domain that has been given access rights in HP Web Jetadmin through the Users and Roles features. However, the user's desktop is not on the security domain.