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HP Ink Tank 110, 310, 410 Printers - Checking Ink Tank Levels

Check ink levels regularly to avoid interruptions when printing and print quality issues.

Check ink levels for HP Ink Tank 110, 310, 410 Printers

Visually check the ink levels in the ink tank window.

  1. On the ink tank windows, find the maximum and minimum fill lines.

    Maximum and minimum fill lines on the ink tanks

    Ink tank fill lines

    1: Maximum fill line

    2: Minimum fill line

  2. Fill any tanks that are at or near the minimum fill line.


    Print quality can be affected if an ink tank falls below the minimum fill line. Overfilling the ink tanks can cause ink leakage.

    Ink tank that needs to be filled
  3. Order new ink bottles from the HP Store or your local office supply store that carries HP products.

    Replacement Ink for HP Ink Tank 110, 310, 410 Printers

    Ink color

    Product number

    Black GT51


    Black GT51XL

    X4E40A, 1VU32A

    Cyan GT52


    Magenta GT52


    Yellow GT52