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Removal and replacement: Control-panel assembly (M806, M855)

This document provides the procedures to remove and replace the control panel for the HP LaserJet Enterprise M806 and HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow M855.
Mean time to repair: 5 minutes
Service level: Basic

Before performing service

Turn the printer power off
  • Disconnect the power cable.
    To avoid damage to the printer, turn the printer off, wait 30 seconds, and then remove the power cord before attempting to service the printer.
Use the table below to identify the correct part number for your printer. To order the part, go to www.hp.com/buy/parts.
Control panel kit part number
Control panel kit with instruction guide

Required tools

  • No special tools are required to install this kit.

After performing service

Turn the printer power on
  • Connect the power cable.
  • Use the power switch to turn the power on.

Post service test

Print a configuration page to make sure that the printer is functioning correctly.
  1. Remove the control-panel assembly.
    1. Tilt the screen up.
      Figure : Tilt the control panel up
    2. Release one tab.
      Figure : Release one tab
    3. Remove the cover.
      Figure : Remove the cover
    4. Rotate one blue locking latch to release it.
      Figure : Release the latch
    5. Rotate the back of the control panel up and away from the product.
      Figure : Rotate the control panel up
    6. Lift the control-panel assembly up and off of the product.
      The control panel is still attached to the product by the control-panel cables.
      Figure : Lift the control-panel assembly up
    7. Tilt the control panel forward to gain access to the control-panel connectors.
      Figure : Tilt the control panel forward
    8. Remove one screw (callout 1), and then release one ground wire (callout 2).
      Figure : Remove one screw to release one ground wire
    9. Disconnect two USB cables (callout 1) , and then disconnect one wire harness (callout 2).
      Figure : Disconnect the USB cables and wire harness
    10. Remove the control panel.
      Figure : Remove the control panel
  2. Unpack the replacement control panel.
    1. Dispose of the defective part.
      HP recommends responsible disposal of the defective part.
    2. Unpack the replacement part from the packaging.
      Some parts are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Always perform service work at an ESD-protected workstation or mat. If an ESD workstation or mat is not available, touch the sheet-metal chassis to provide a static ground before touching an ESD-sensitive assembly. Protect the ESD-sensitive assemblies by placing them in ESD pouches when they are out of the printer.
      If the replacement part is a roller or pad, avoid touching the spongy part of it. Skin oils on the roller or pad can cause paper pickup and/or print-quality problems. HP recommends using disposable gloves when handling rollers or pads or washing your hands or before touching rollers or pads.
      Make sure that all of the shipping materials (for example shipping tape) are removed from the replacement part prior to installation.
  3. Install the control-panel assembly.
    1. Connect two USB cables (callout 1) , and then connect one wire harness (callout 2) to the replacement control panel.
      Figure : Connect the USB cables and the wire harness
    2. Make sure that the USB cables (callout 1) are connected to the correct connectors. Refer to the label (callout 2) next to the connectors.
      Figure : Check the USB cables connectors
    3. Use one screw (callout 1) to fasten the ground wire (callout 2) to the control panel.
      Figure : Fasten the ground wire to the control panel
    4. Insert the front edge of the control panel into the control-panel cavity.
      Figure : Place the control panel on the product
    5. Make sure that the wire harness (callout 1) is completely inside the control- panel cavity.
      Figure : Check the wire harness
    6. Rotate one blue locking latch to close it.
      Figure : Close the latch
    7. Align the tabs at the back of the cover (callout 1) with the slots at the back of the control-panel assembly (callout 2).
      Figure : Place the cover on the product
    8. Close the cover. Make sure that the tab on the cover snaps closed.
      Figure : Close the cover






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