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HP Designjet T920 and T1500 ePrinter Series - Using the stacker

This document describes better usage of the HP Designjet T920 and T1500 Stacker.


Prevent interruptions:
  • Open the basket; this indicates the clear space required at the back of the printer.
  • Route the cables to the side desired to attach the power cable; the left side is shown here.

Removing prints from the stacker tray

Sheets can be removed from the stacker while printing. It is recommended to remove all prints when not printing.
Once removed, do not put prints back into the tray as this can collapse output.
If prints are replaced in the stacker tray; make sure that they reach the bottom of the stacker and don’t overlap the page that is being printed, or the small black plastic piece.

Printing high quality prints

To obtain the best possible quality, consider:

High quality photo media graphics

Use instant dry photo media such as HP Instant Dry Photo or Satin paper to get ready-to-use and robust prints.
Optimize quality when printing solid black areas; use Manual mode (print with the stacker open), and carefully remove the output immediately after printing.

High quality matte media graphics

HP Heavy Coated Paper and Super Heavy Coated Paper reproduce deeper blacks and more saturated colors than bond paper due to heavier coating.
When printing solid black areas, carefully remove output immediately after printing to prevent the next print covering it.

Utilize full stacker capacity

The stacker is optimized for plain paper use (the most common size ISO A1/D). Capacity is up to 50 pages. When the printer detects that the stacker is full, an alert appears to empty the stacker. The actual capacity may differ depending on the combination of paper size printed and media type; for example, heavyweight coated is a media with a higher grammage than plain paper, therefore the number of pages that the stacker can handle is less.

How to switch from stacker to basket and vice versa

The default output for the HP DesignjetT1500 and T920 ePrinter Series is the Stacker, however, switching to the basket is very easy: In driver properties, select the "Layout/Output" tab, then in "Output options" select "Basket" for "Delivery":
TIP: Also use this setting together with the "Quick sets" in the driver or as a driver default by going to Windows Start, then "Device and printers" and editing the "Printing properties"
TIP: At any time, the jobs appearing in the queue can be redirected and sent to either the stacker or the basket by modifying the job setting in the Front Panel.

Manual mode

Manual mode is designed to help maximum print quality with photo media. The driver automatically enables Manual mode when photo media is selected in the driver; the job now waits in queue for the stacker to open, and to be activated. This ensures the stacker doesn’t touch the print while drying. If jobs are not required to be "Hold for manual mode" there are 2 options:
  1. Manual mode can be enabled/disabled in the "Layout/options" tab in the driver by clicking in the checkbox "Hold for manual printing with stacker open".
  2. Disable the driver check for photo media so Manual mode is not enabled automatically. Press the "Start" button, select "Devices and Settings", and right-click the printer’s icon. Select "Printer Properties". Select "Device Settings".
When a job is put "On hold for manual mode" the printer doesn’t stop; while this job is waiting, and if the stacker is closed, other jobs can still be sent and printed.
After printing the job sent in Manual mode with the stacker open, the printer stops until the stacker is closed, or another job is sent from the queue.

Resuming print interruptions

The stacker has a sensor to prevent unexpected behavior of the media in the tray, and ensure that the jams never reach the printhead. Eventually, when prompted by the printer, it’s required to go the stacker and correct it by flattening the paper. Once fixed, printing will resume.
Media jam frequency may increase under certain conditions; when printing images with very high ink density on light media like Bond or Coated under specific environmental conditions such as 30ºC-86F/70%. In such cases, switching to a media with higher grammage such as HP Heavy Weight Coated can help to increase productivity.






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