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HP Designjet T7100 and T7100 Monochrome Printer Series - Open-source software

Open source acknowledgments

  • This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (
  • The source code, object code, and documentation in the com.oreilly.servlet package is licensed by Hunter Digital Ventures, LLC.
  • This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.
  • Regular expression support provided by the PCRE library package, which is open source software written by Philip Hazel, and copyright by the University of Cambridge, England. Source at
  • This software includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (

Open source written offer

In accordance with the GNU General Public License, the SMAIL General Public License, and the Sleepy Cat software license, HP is providing you with this written offer to receive on a CD-R, at the cost of $30, a complete machine-readable copy of the source code corresponding to all the code distributed to you under a GNU General Public License, SMAIL General Public License, and/or Sleepy Cat software licenses. You can request this CD-R from your local HP support representative; telephone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found at