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HP Designjet T/Z Printer Series - Printer Prompts for Setup Printheads After EEROM Reset


After EEROM reset, the printer prompts the end-user to install setup printheads.
This document is not valid for all T and Z series printers. It is valid only for the T610/T620/T1100/T1120 and Z2100/Z3100/Z3200/Z5200. The other T series printers will not ask for setup printheads after performing EEROM reset.


Cause: When EEROM resetis done, the printer firmware resets the flag that indicates that the Ink Tubes Purging has been completed. This causes the printer to assume purging has not been done and to start the purging process.
Follow the steps below only if it is confirmed/known that the Ink tubes have been purged successfully.
After the EEROM reset has been performed, the printer will have powered it's self off.
  1. Re-start the printer with the printheads installed.
  2. Once the printer initializes, printer goes through the replace printhead procedure and prompts to install setup printheads.
  3. Open the printer window, lift the carriage cover, remove all of the printheads, close the latch and close the windows. Do Not Install Any Printheads or Setup Printheads.
  4. After a few minutes, the printer will prompt to open window and access the setup printheads.
  5. The printer will prompt to select an option, Are all setup printhead windows filled with ink?
  6. Choose the option, All with some ink.
  7. The Front Panel then prompts you to remove the Setup Printheads and install the Printheads. Install the previously removed Printheads (normal printheads, Not setup printheads).
  8. Once ALL the Printheads are installed, close/clamp the Carriage cover and close the Window.
  9. The Printer will now try to perform Printhead Alignment and the Front Panel will prompt you to verify you want to continue with Printhead Alignment; select Align now and press the Ok key.
  10. Once the Printhead Alignment is completed, the following message will be displayed on the Front Panel: Press the Ok key to continue.
This document can be followed only if all cartridges installed are new (100%) or if the ink volume remaining in every Ink cartridge is below 88% (cartridges between 99% and 89% may not work). On the other hand, the minimum ink volume remaining in EVERY CARTRIDGE must be 35 milliliters. Under the front panel/Ink menu/cartridge information, the percentage cannot be checked, ONLY the ink available in every cartridge. As a reference, the following information can be checked (40ml-cartridges WILL NOT work):
69ml Cartridges:
88% is equivalent (not exact) to 60.7ml
50.7% is equivalent to (not exact) to 35ml
130ml Cartridges:
88% is equivalent (not exact) to 114.4ml
26.9% is equivalent (not exact) to 35ml
Even when this document has been created to trick the printer, this will not be possible if the cartridges are not valid (do not have the proper amount of ink even when in fact the ink will not be used for a real purge). If there is not enough ink, the printer will get stuck saying PRINTHEAD REPLACEMENT INCOMPLETE after the printheads have been inserted.