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HP Officejet 4300 and 4350 All-in-One Printer Series- Setting up the All-in-One (Hardware)


This document explains how to set up the physical parts of the product. Complete these steps before you install the product software on your computer.
This document includes the following steps to set up the product:
  • Unpack the All-in-One
  • Check the contents of the box
  • Unfold the paper trays
  • Attach the control panel faceplate, if not attached
  • Load plain white paper
  • Connect the power cord and adapter
  • Connect the supplied phone cord
  • Turn on power
  • Select the language/region
  • Install the cartridges
  • Align the cartridges

Setting up the All-in-One

Follow these steps in order.

Step one: Unpack the All-in-One

  1. Remove all tape and packing material from the outside and inside of the product.
    Figure : Remove the tape
    Figure : Remove the cardboard packing materials

Step two: Check the contents of the box

The contents might vary by country/region. See the packaging for a list of items shipped in the box.

Step three: Unfold the paper trays

  1. Unfold the paper tray door and unfold the paper tray.
    Figure : Unfold the paper tray
  2. Lift the document feeder tray.
    Figure : Lift the document feeder tray
  3. Lower the document catcher and unfold the document catcher extender.
    Figure : Lower the document catcher
    The document feeder tray and document catcher must be open to copy, send faxes and scan. However, you can print and receive faxes with them closed.

Step four: Attach the control panel faceplate (if not attached)

  1. Fit the faceplate tabs into the slots on top of the product.
    Figure : Fit the tabs into the slots
  2. Rotate the faceplate down, and then firmly press down on the front corners until they both snap into place.
    Figure : Snap the faceplate into place
Make sure that all edges are even with the product, and that all buttons come through the holes in the faceplate. The control panel faceplate must be attached for the product to work.

Step five: Load plain paper

  1. Lift the document catcher to the closed position.
  2. Slide the paper-width guide to its outermost position.
  3. Load plain white paper into the input tray. Slide the stack of paper forward until it stops.
  4. Slide the paper-width guide inwards until it stops at the edge of the paper.
    Do not force paper too far into the input tray, because it might cause a paper jam.
  5. Lower the document catcher to the open position.

Step six: Connect the power cord and adapter

Figure : Connect the power cord and adapter
  1. Plug the product end of the power adapter into the back of the product.
  2. Plug the adapter end of the power cord into the power adapter.
  3. Plug the remaining end of the power cord into a grounded wall outlet or surge protector.

Step seven: Connect the supplied phone cord

  1. Connect one end of the supplied phone cordto the phone port (1-LINE) and theother end to a wall jack.
    Figure : Connect the phone cord
  2. To connect a phone or answering machine to the product, remove the plug from the (2-EXT) port and then plug the phone or answering machine into the port.
    Figure : Connect a phone or answering machine
See the user guide for more information if you have any of the following features:
  • DSL
  • VolP/FolP
  • ISDN
  • Voice mail
  • Distinctive ring

Step eight: Turn on power

  1. Press the On button on the product.
    Figure : Press the On button
    The green light flashes and then becomes solid. This might take up to a minute.

Step nine: Select the language/region

If the display prompts you to select a language, follow these steps.
  1. Use thearrow keys to select your language, and then press OK to confirm.
  2. When prompted to confirm, press 1 for Yes, or 2 for No.
  3. Use the arrow keys to selectyour country/region, and then press OK to confirm.
  4. When prompted to confirm, press 1 for Yes, or 2 for No.

Step ten: Install the cartridges

  1. Make sure the product is turned on. The On button is lit when the product is on.
  2. Lift the cartridge door. The carriagemoves to the right side of the product.
    Figure : Lift the cartridge door
  3. Remove the new cartridge from its packaging and gently remove the plastic tape using the pink pull tab.
    Figure : Remove the tape
    Do not touch copper-coloredcontacts or retape the cartridges.
  4. Slide the tri-color cartridge into theleft slot. Push the top part of the cartridge firmly upand into the slot until it snaps into place.
    Figure : Insert the tri-color cartridge
  5. Slide the black or photo cartridge into the right slot.Push the top part of the cartridge firmly up andinto the slot until it snaps into place.
    Figure : Insert the black or photo cartridge
  6. Close thecartridge door.

Step eleven: Align the cartridges

  1. Make sure you have loaded plain white letter or A4 paper in the bottom tray. Press OK to print the alignment page.
  2. Remove the alignment page from the output tray.
    Figure : Print the cartridge alignment page
  3. Place the alignment page face down into the document feeder.
    Figure : Load the printed alignment page
  4. Press OK to scan the alignment page.
    After the page has scanned, alignment is complete.






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