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HP Designjet CP Series Printers - UV Ink Systems, Technical Information

How many prints per cartridge set can I expect to produce on average?
HP CP Ink System UV (pigmented inks) : printing on coated paper, customers can expect to print approximately 300 A1/D- size prints.
ISSUE: Will color prints fade using the UV Ink Systems for the HP DesignJet CP series printers?
Those using the 3M and HP solution can produce graphics that are guaranteed for 24 months outdoors and 5 years indoors by the 3M MCS (Matched Component System) Warranty, the most complete warranty program in the large format graphics industry.
The 3M and HP weatherable graphic solution consists of the following:
  • 3M Changeable Opaque Imaging Media 8522 CP or C6760A - 4 mil vinyl marking film with changeable adhesive
  • 3M Luster Overlaminate 8519CP or C6761A
  • 3M Matte Overlaminate 8520CP or C6762A
  • HP DesignJet CP Ink System UV
  • HP DesignJet 2500CP and 2000CP Series printers.
This comprehensive approach to the production of thermal ink jet graphics is being marketed by 3M and HP with an offer for HP DesignJet CP Series printer customers to become 3M Certified Fabricators. The 3M Certified Fabricator Kit 8590CP, created for the DesignJet 2500CP/2000CP Series printers. The kit includes training materials and a 3M MCS Warranty registration card.
The 3M MCS Warranty guarantees the performance of the entire finished graphic from harm due to extreme temperatures, moisture, pollution, UV rays, abrasion and other outdoor elements. 3M maintains the integrity of the 3M MCS Warranty by making it available only on thermal ink jet graphics that have been produced by fabricators who have completed the 3M Thermal Ink Jet Certified Fabricator Program.
HP Heavyweight Coated Paper
When used with the HP Heavyweight Coated Paper and the UV ink system, large-format graphics printed on the HP DesignJet CP series printers may last up to one year indoors behind an exterior window and 20 years inside under normal office light. (Simulated testing.) The HP Heavyweight Coated Paper is not included in the 3M MCS Warranty.
ISSUE: Will lamination stop fading? If not, what are the other benefits of lamination?
Lamination will not significantly slow the fading process. However, lamination provides durability and water resistance.
ISSUE: Is the ink waterproof?
No. The ink in the UV ink systems are water-based inks and are therefore not waterproof. Some media coatings may improve water resistance, but that data is not currently available. HP does recommend lamination to protect a finished image from water and moisture.