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HP printers - Print Anywhere with the HP Smart app

Print Anywhere for the HP Smart app is a remote printing service that sends print jobs over the internet to print immediately or to be picked up later when someone is near the printer.

Print Anywhere is available to HP+ printers and select non-HP+ printers enabled with HP Smart Advance.

Enable the Private Pickup feature to hold jobs for later release (optional)

Print Anywhere for the HP Smart app is an HP Smart Advance feature that allows you to print remotely over the internet from anywhere.

Before you begin, your printer must be set up in the HP Smart app with an HP account. For more information, go to HP+ printer setup (HP Smart app).

  1. Open the HP Smart app, and then click the Account icon or the icon with your initials.

  2. Sign in to your account if prompted, and then click Manage HP Account.

  3. Under your Account Dashboard, click Solutions, and then click Print Anywhere.

  4. Under My Printers, make sure Allow printing from anywhere is on, and then enable Require Private Pickup.

    Enabling Require Private Pickup in the HP Smart app

Send a remote print job with Print Anywhere

Send files remotely from your computer or mobile device using Print Anywhere for the HP Smart app.

Release Private Pickup print jobs (Android, iOS only)

Use the HP Smart app for Android or iOS to confirm proximity to the printer and release print jobs to the printer.

  1. Within 72 hours of sending the print job, open the HP Smart app when you are next to your printer.

  2. Wait at least 45 seconds for the app to connect to the printer.

  3. Next to the printer icon, tap Private Pickup Files.

    Private Pickup Files option in the HP Smart app
  4. Select the files you want to print from the queue, and then click Send to Printer.

    Private Pickup Files queue in the HP Smart app
  5. If you need to delete any files from the queue, select them, and then tap Delete selected.

    Deleting files from the Private Pickup queue

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