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Samsung MultiXpress MFP SL-K2200 - Loading Paper in the Tray

Preparing paper

  • Use only print media that meets the specifications required by the printer.
  • When using print media that does not meet the specifications outlined in this user guide, the following problems might occur:
    • Low printing quality, paper jams, excessive wear on the printer.
  • The weight, material, surface condition, and moisture content of the print media might affect the performance and printing quality of the printer.
  • Some print media might not produce the desired result even if it meets the specifications outlined in this user guide. This might occur due to mishandling of the print media, unsuitable temperature or humidity, or other uncontrollable factors.
  • Using print media that does not meet the specifications outlined in this user guide might result in printer malfunctions that require repairs. Such repairs are not covered by the warranty agreement.
  • Do not use inkjet photo print media with this printer. Doing so might damage the printer.
  • Do not use creased, torn, or damp print media.
The use of inflammable media or foreign materials left in the printer might lead to overheating of the unit and, in rare cases might cause a fire.

Tray 1 and optional tray

  1. Pull out the paper tray.
    Figure : Open tray
  2. Squeeze and slide the paper width guide and paper length lever to locate them in the correct paper size slot marked at the bottom of the tray to adjust to the size, see Tray overview.
    Figure : Adjust tray guides
  3. Flex or fan the edge of the paper stack to separate the pages before loading papers.
    Figure : Flex or fan paper
  4. After inserting paper into the tray, squeeze and slide the paper width guides and paper length guide.
    Figure : Insert paper
    • Do not push the paper width guide too far causing the media to warp.
    • Not adjusting the paper width guide might cause paper jams.
      Figure : Paper adjustment
    • Do not use a paper with a leading-edge curl, it might cause a paper jam or the paper can be wrinkled.
      Figure : Straight paper
  5. Insert the tray back into the printer.
    Figure : Insert tray
  6. When printing a document, set the paper type and size for the tray, see Setting the paper size and type.

Multipurpose tray

The multipurpose tray can hold special sizes and types of print material, such as postcards, note cards, and envelopes. See Print media specification.
  1. Hold the handle of multipurpose tray and pull it down to open and pull out the multipurpose tray paper extension.
    Figure : Pull down and open
  2. Load the paper.
    Figure : Load paper
  3. Squeeze the multipurpose tray paper width guides and adjust them to the width of the paper. Do not force them too much, or the paper will bend resulting in a paper jam or skew.
    Figure : Adjust guides
  4. When you print a document, set the paper type and size for the multipurpose tray, see Setting the paper size and type.
    If the multipurpose tray becomes empty while printing, supply paper after pressing the multipurpose lock plate.
    Figure : Multipurpose lock plate






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