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HP Designjet T2500 eMultifunctional Printer Series - The paper cannot be loaded successfully

  • Ensure no paper is loaded.
  • Ensure the paper is far enough inside the printer, you should feel the printer grab the paper.
  • The paper may be crumpled, or warped, or may have irregular edges.

Unsuccessful roll load

  • If the paper does not load, the leading edge of the paper may not be straight or clean and needs to be trimmed. Remove the initial 2 cm from the roll and try again. This may be necessary even with a new roll of paper.
  • Ensure the roll ends are tight against the spindle ends.
  • Check that the spindle is correctly inserted.
  • Check that the paper is correctly loaded on the spindle, and that it loads over the roll towards the stacker.
  • Check that all roll end plugs have been removed.
  • Check that the paper is wound tightly on the roll.
  • Do not touch the roll or paper during the alignment process.
  • When loading a roll, the roll cover must remain open until the front panel prompts you to close it.
  • If the roll is not aligned, the front panel displays an error and instructions to start again. To start the load process again, cancel the process on the front panel and rewind the roll from the end of the spindle until the edge is removed from the printer.
If the roll has become loose around the core, the printer cannot load the paper.

Unsuccessful sheet load

  • Keep pushing the sheet until you feel resistance. Do not release the sheet until the printer starts to pull the paper and you hear a beep.
  • Guide the sheet, especially thick papers, when the printer initially feeds the sheet.
  • Ensure that the sheet is aligned with the reference line on the roll cover.
  • Do not attempt to straighten the sheet during the loading process, unless instructed to by the front-panel display.
  • Do not use hand-cut sheets, which may be of irregular shapes. Use only purchased sheets.
In case of any problem, please follow the instructions given on the front-panel display.
If you would like to start the load process again, cancel the process on the front panel. If a sheet is in the printer, it is ejected to the stacker.

Paper loading error messages

Here is a list of front-panel messages related to paper loading, with the suggested corrective action.
Front-panel message
Suggested action
Close the roll cover when the paper load is finished
Close the roll cover when the paper load is finished.
Paper not detected
During the paper load process the printer did not detect any paper. Ensure the paper is inserted fully and is not transparent.
Roll cover closed during paper load process
Do not close the roll cover until you are prompted to do so by the front panel.
Sheet too small
During the load process the printer detected that the sheet of paper is too narrow or too short to be loaded in the printer. Press to stop the load process. See Functional specificationsFunctional specifications.






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