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HP Color LaserJet CP2025/CM2320 MFP/Pro 300 color Printer M351/MFP M375/MFP M376/Pro 400 color Printer M451/MFP M475/MFP M476 series - Tray 2 Does Not Fit in Completely


Tray 2 does not fit in the tray drawer completely, sticking out a few centimeters from the machine.


  1. Check tray guides:
    1. Make sure that the paper guides are set to letter sized paper and that the tray extension is not being used.
      The tray extension tab is the big blue tab located on the front right side of the tray.
    2. If the paper is set to legal, the tray will extend nearly 2.5 inches from the front of the machine. Make sure the tray is pushed in as far as it can go with the extension tab pressed.
      This is what the tray looks like when set to legal:
    3. Make sure that the jam access door [green plate] inside tray 2, located on the top of the tray drawer, is completely up and it stays up. Make sure that the mechanism is working by dropping the plate, and checking that it stays up and when relifted.
  2. Check tray 2 sensor:
    1. Take out tray 2 from the machine and set it aside.
    2. Inside the machine, towards the right back side, there is a silver plate in which the tray slides into: [Enclosed in a red box]
    3. If this part is dislodged or misplaced, try to make sure that all parts are there and none are broken:
      • Metal holder.
      • Black plastic sensor.
      • Black plastic pieces that the silver holder clicks into.
      • And purple cables coming from inside machine.
    4. Have the user mount the sensor by following these steps:
      1. Disconnect the device and have the user carefully put the machine on its back.
      2. Make sure all parts are there, if they are not, none of these parts are replaceable, therefore the machine will need to be replaced.
        1. Silver plate that the sensor clicks into.
        2. Tray 2 Sensor
        3. Purple cable that connects into the sensor.
      3. Connect the Sensor into the purple cable coming from the printer. The cable has 3 small holes that connect into the 3 pins that are located on the sensor.
      4. After connecting the sensor, the silver plate will need to be placed behind the sensor, and then the sensor pushed down into the holder. The sensor has 4 pins on the back that snap into the holder. The sensor should not move and it should hold snuggly into the holder.
      5. With the sensor assembly already mounted, the right side of the assembly will need to be placed right-side first into the back plastic piece. It has to push the spring on the top, and go behind the black small tab that is right under it. It will need to be pushed towards the right as far as possible without forcing it. It should slide right in.
      6. After sliding it in all the way to right, the top left corner can be pushed down until the metal clicks into the black plastic holder, and it should stay in place. At this point, the assembly should not move towards any direction, and it should stay firm.
      7. Reconnect the power and connection cables, and retry to slide the tray in.






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