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HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M601, M602, and M603 Series Printer - Select an output bin

The product has four output locations: the top (standard) output bin, the rear output bin, the optional stacker or stapler/stacker, and the optional 5-bin mailbox.

Print to the top (standard) output bin

The top output bin collects paper face-down, in the correct order. The top output bin should be used for most print jobs, including transparencies. To use the top output bin, be sure that the rear output bin is closed. To avoid jams, do not open or close the rear output bin while the product is printing.
Figure : Location of top output bin

Print to the rear output bin

The product always prints to the rear output bin if it is open. Paper that is printed to this bin will exit face-up, with the last page on top (reverse order).
Printing from Tray 1 to the rear output bin provides the straightest path. Opening the rear output bin might improve performance with the following items:
  • Envelopes
  • Labels
  • Small custom-size paper
  • Postcards
  • Paper heavier than 120 g⁠/⁠m⁠2 (32 lb)
Opening the rear output bin makes the duplexer (if installed) and the top output bin unavailable. To avoid jams, do not open or close the rear output bin while the product is printing.
  1. To open the rear output bin, grasp the handle at the top of the bin, and pull the bin down.
  2. Slide out the extension.

Print to the optional stacker or stapler/stacker

The optional stacker or optional stapler/stacker can hold up to 500 sheets of paper (20-lb paper). The stacker accepts standard and custom paper sizes. The stapler/stacker accepts standard and custom paper sizes, but only Letter, Legal, and A4 sizes can be stapled. Do not try to send other types of print media, such as labels or envelopes.
When a stapler/stacker is installed, the product automatically rotates the printed images 180° on all paper sizes, regardless of whether the job is stapled. Paper types that must be printed in the correct orientation, such as letterhead or prepunched paper, need to be loaded in a different direction.
To print to the optional stacker or optional stapler/stacker, select the option in the program, in the printer driver, or at the printer control panel.
Before you use the optional stacker or optional stapler/stacker, ensure that the printer driver is set to recognize it. You need to set this setting only once.
  1. Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 (using the default Start menu view): Click Start, and then click Printers and Faxes.
    Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 (using the Classic Start menu view): Click Start, click Settings, and then click Printers.
    Windows Vista: Click Start, click Control Panel, and then in the category for Hardware and Sound click Printer.
    Windows 7: Click Start, and then click Devices and Printers.
  2. Right-click the driver icon, and then select Properties or Printer properties.
  3. Click the Device Settings tab.
  4. In the Installable Options area, set the Automatic Configuration item to Update Now.
  1. From the Apple menu , click the System Preferences menu and then click the Print & Fax icon.
  2. Select the product in the left side of the window.
  3. Click the Options & Supplies button.
  4. Click the Driver tab.
  5. Configure the installed options.

Print to the 5-bin mailbox

The optional 5-bin mailbox provides five output bins that can be configured from the control panel to sort print jobs in a variety of ways.
  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Open the following menus:
    • Administration
    • Multi-Bin Mailbox Settings
    • Operation Mode
  3. Press the down arrow to highlight how the 5-bin mailbox sorts jobs:
    Each bin is assigned to a user or group of users. This is the default setting.
    The product uses all of the bins to stack copies of a job. Jobs are sent to the bottom bin first, and then to the next highest bin, and so forth. When all bins are full, the product stops.
    Job Separator
    Each print job is sent to a different bin. Jobs are sent to an empty bin, starting with the top bin and continuing to the bottom bin.
    The product sorts copies of a single print job into separate bins.
  4. Press the OK button to select the option.






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