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HP Designjet T1120 Printer Series - Printhead status messages

Printhead status messages

These are the possible printhead status messages:
  • OK: the printhead is working normally, with no known problems
  • Missing: there is no printhead present, or it is not correctly installed in the printer.
  • Test printhead separately: you are recommended to test the printheads individually to find the failing printhead. Remove all the printheads and insert them alone one by one, closing the latch and the carriage cover after every insertion. The front-panel display indicates the failing one showing the reseat or replace message.
  • Reseat: you are recommended to remove the printhead and then reinsert it. If that fails, clean the electrical connections, see The front-panel display recommends reseating or replacing a printhead. If that fails, replace the printhead with a new printhead, see Remove a printhead and Insert a printhead.
  • Replace: the printhead is failing. Replace the printhead with a working printhead, see Remove a printhead and Insert a printhead.
  • Replacement incomplete: a printhead replacement process has not completed successfully, re-launch the replacement process and let it finish completely (it is not needed to change the printheads).
  • Remove: the printhead is not a suitable type for use in printing.