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HP Notebook PCs - Problems Occur When Playing Blu-ray Movies (Windows Vista)

This document pertains to HP and Compaq Notebook PCs with Windows Vista.
Use this document to help resolve problems that can occur when playing a Blu-ray movie.

Identify a Blu-ray compatible optical disc drive

If the optical disc drive does not spin or play when a Blu-ray disc is inserted, the drive may not be compatible with Blu-ray technology and it cannot play Blu-ray discs.
Blu-ray discs can only be played in an optical disc drive that supports Blu-ray technology. Standard CD or DVD disc drives do not support Blu-ray.
Examine your optical disc drive to determine if the drive is compatible with Blu-ray technology:
  • Is there a Blu-ray sticker on the outside of the drive?
  • When you open the disc drive, and remove the disc, does the drive itself have two separate laser lenses?
Image of interior of Blu-ray optical disc drive, showing two laser lenses.
If your Blu-ray capable disc drive does not play a Blu-ray disc, or no image appears on your screen, or only parts of the disc will play, continue to the sections below for more troubleshooting tips.

Update the software you use to play Blu-ray movies

A movie that was released after a movie player released may not play on older versions of Blu-ray hardware and software. This can happen due to copy protection. Blu-ray technology requires an Internet connection for software players. The software player must be updated over the Internet to acquire new encryption codes to help protect the movie industry from piracy. Also, new interactive features may not be recognized by the original software programs and drivers. Some Blu-ray movies feature an enhancement to the Blu-ray specification called BD Profile 1.1. This may prevent a movie from being played, or it may prevent access to the movie menus while using the QuickPlay or MediaSmart programs.
It may take several weeks before an update is made available for your software movie player. That is, before some newly released movie titles will be able to play, a new update needs to be developed and made available to the public.

Update QuickPlay

To resolve problems with a Blu-ray optical disc drive, you should use the update feature within the QuickPlay software program to update to version 3.7 or later by following the steps below.
  1. When QuickPlay is operating, double-click the Update icon to open the Updates and Enhancements window.
  2. Double-click Get the latest QuickPlay updates.
  3. Select Download now! and follow the on-screen instructions.
Once the new version is installed, restart QuickPlay and insert the Blu-ray disc.

Update MediaSmart

MediaSmart displays an alert when there is an update available. If there is no update available, you will not see the alert. To resolve problems with a Blu-ray optical disc drive, you should use the update feature within the MediaSmart software program to update to the latest version by following the steps below.
  1. When MediaSmart is operating and displays a prompt to Select the updates which you wish to install, click the Update your MediaSmart option.
    Figure : Update your MediaSmart
    Image of MediaSmart update prompt
  2. If prompted to stop playback before updating, stop and remove the disc, and then click Retry.
  3. If prompted to uninstall the existing version of MediaSmart, click Yes.
Once the new version is installed, restart MediaSmart and insert the Blu-ray disc. The update notification is no longer active.

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