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HP Photosmart R927, R927v, and R927xi Digital Cameras - Product Specifications

Still pictures:
  • 8.2 MP (3312 x 2496) total pixel count
  • 8.1MP (3296 x 2480) effective pixel count
Video clips:
  • VGA: 640 x 480 total pixel count at 24 frames per second
  • QVGA: 320 x 240 total pixel count at 24 frames per second
Diagonal 9.1 mm (1/1.8-type, 4:3 format) CCD
Color depth
42 bit (14 bits x 3 colors)
42 bit images are transformed into an optimized 24 bit image and stored in a JPEG format. This transformation results in no discernible change to color or detail in the stored image, and allows the image to be read by computers.
Focal length:
  • Wide: 7.78 mm
  • Telephoto: 22.06 mm
  • 35 mm equivalent: 35 to 105 mm
  • Wide: f/2.8 to f/7.8
  • Telephoto: f/5 to f/8.5
  • 3x optical zoom with 10 positions between wide and telephoto
  • 8x digital zoom
Focus settings: Normal Focus (default), Macro, Auto Macro, Infinity, and Manual Focus.
Normal Focus (default):
  • Wide: 500 mm (19.7 inches) to infinity
  • Telephoto: 600 mm (23.6 inches) to infinity
Macro: Wide, 120 mm to 1 meter (4.7 to 39.4 inches).
Auto Macro: Automatically shifts into Macro when the subject is too close in Normal focus.
Infinity: Focus is fixed at infinity.
Manual: Focus is user-adjustable.
Shutter speed
1/2000 to 16 seconds
Built-in flash
Yes, 6-second typical recharge time (8-second maximum recharge time when the power is turned on)
Flash working distance
Zoom Position: Wide
  • Maximum with ISO Speed set to Auto ISO: 5 meters (16.5 feet)
Zoom Position: Telephoto
  • Maximum with ISO Speed set to Auto ISO: 4.75 meters (15.6 feet)
  • Corner intensity is greater than 55% of the center intensity (Lux Seconds)
Image Display
  • 7.62 cm (3.0 inches) color LTPS TFT LCD with backlight
  • 230,400 pixels (960 x 240 pixels) total pixel count
  • 32 MB internal flash memory.
  • Slot for memory card.
  • This camera supports standard and high speed, HP-branded Secure Digital (SD) memory cards from 8 MB to 2 GB.
    A large number of files (over 300) affects the time it takes for the camera to turn on.
  • The number of images or video clips that can be saved in memory depends on the Image Quality and Video Quality settings.
Compression format
  • JPEG (EXIF) for still images
  • EXIF2.2 for still images with embedded audio
  • MPEG1 for video clips
Connects to the following docks with the Foxlink FPA25420–HP dock connector:
  • HP Photosmart 6220 camera dock (in-box with camera)
  • HP Photosmart 6221 premium camera dock
  • PTP
  • USB - MSDC and SIDC
  • JPEG
  • MPEG1
  • DPOF
  • EXIF
  • DCF
  • DPS
External body dimensions (width, depth, height)
Camera off and lens retracted:
96 x 25.6 x 62 mm (3.78 x 1.00 x 2.44 inches)
170 grams (5.99 ounces) without battery
Power usage:
  • Typical: 2.1 Watts (with image display on)
  • Peak: 7.6 Watts
Power sources:
  • One rechargeable HP Photosmart R07 Lithium Ion battery for HP Photosmart R-series cameras.
  • AC power adapter (5 Vdc, 2000 mA, 10 W) with the HP Photosmart 6220 dock (included).
  • AC power adapter (5 Vdc, 2000 mA, 10 W) with the HP Photosmart 6221 or 6222 dock (optional).
Temperature range
0 to 50 degrees C (32 to 122 degrees F) at 15 to 85% relative humidity
-30 to 65 degrees C (-22 to 149 degrees F) at 15 to 90% relative humidity
Compression options
Image Quality, Custom... setting
  • 4 stars: Little to no compression
  • 3 stars: Low compression
  • 2 stars: Medium compression
  • 1 star: High compression
Image quality
  • 8 MP (3 stars): For enlarging or printing images greater than 41 x 51 cm (16 x 20 inches).
  • Normal (8 MP, 2 stars) (default): For printing images up to 41 x 51 cm (16 x 20 inches).
  • 5 MP (2 stars): For printing images up to 28 x 36 cm (11 x 14 inches).
  • 2 MP (2 stars): For printing images up to 13 x 18 cm (5 x 7 inches).
  • VGA (2 stars): For sending images through e-mail or posting images to the Internet.
  • Custom: For specifying a custom combination of resolution and compression.
Image capture options
  • Still (default)
  • Self-Timer: Camera takes a still picture or video clip after a ten-second delay.
  • Self-Timer - 2 shots: Camera takes two delayed shots or one video clip.
  • Burst: Camera takes two or more pictures as quickly as possible.
  • Video: 24 frames per second.
Memory capacity
Image quality setting
Approximate number and average size
8 MP (3 stars)
7 images (3.56 MB each)*
8 MP (2 stars)
10 images (2.5 MB each)*
5 MP
22 images (1.21 MB each)*
2 MP
42 images (631 KB each)*
145 images (184 KB each)*
Number of images depends upon resolution and compression selections
* The values shown are for images without audio clips. Sixty seconds of audio adds 330 KB to the file size.
Not all 32 MB of internal memory is available for storing images because some memory is used for internal camera operations. The actual file sizes and number of still images that can be stored in internal memory or on a memory card will vary depending on the content of each still image and the length of any associated audio clip.
Video clips
Video quality setting at 24 frames per second
Approximate number of seconds of video clips
Normal VGA (3 stars) (default)
35 seconds
VGA (2 stars)
69 seconds
QVGA (1 star)
134 seconds
Flash settings
Auto Flash (default), Red-Eye Removal, Flash On, Flash Off
Shooting modes
Auto (default), Landscape, Portrait, Theatre, Panorama, Action, Night Portrait, Night Scenery, Beach, Snow, Sunset, Document, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual, My Mode
The shooting modes do not apply when recording video clips.
Adaptive Lighting settings
Off (default), Low, High
Bracketing settings
Off (default), Adaptive Lighting, Exposure, Color
White Balance settings
Auto (default), Sun, Shade, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Manual
Auto Focus Area settings
Multi, Spot
AE Metering settings
Center-Weighted (default), Average, Spot
ISO Speed settings
Auto (default), 100, 200, 400
Saturation settings
Medium (default), Low, High
Sharpness settings
Medium (default), Low, High
Contrast settings
Medium (default), Low, High
Date & Time Imprint settings
Off (default), Date Only, Date & Time
Color settings
Full Color (default), Black & White, Sepia, B&W Tints, Color Tints






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