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HP LaserJet MFP M433, M436 - Printing problems

Printing problems

The following table describes common printing problems, the possible causes, and suggested solutions.
Possible cause
Suggested solutions
The machine does not print.
The machine is not receiving power.
Connect the machine to the electricity supply first. If the machine has a (Power / Wake Up) button on the control, press it.
The machine is not selected as the default machine.
Select your machine as your default machine in Windows.
Check the machine for the following:
  • The cover is not closed. Close the cover.
  • Paper is jammed. Clear the paper jam.
  • No paper is loaded. Load paper.
  • The toner cartridge is not installed. Install the toner cartridge.
  • Make sure the protect cover and sheets are removed from the toner cartridge.
If a system error occurs, contact your service representative.
The connection cable between the computer and the machine is not connected properly.
Disconnect the machine cable and reconnect it.
The connection cable between the computer and the machine is defective.
If possible, attach the cable to another computer that is working properly and print a job. You can also try using a different machine cable.
The port setting is incorrect.
Check the Windows printer settings to make sure that the print job is sent to the correct port. If the computer has more than one port, make sure that the machine is attached to the correct one.
The machine may be configured incorrectly.
Check the Printing Preferences to ensure that all of the print settings are correct.
The printer driver may be incorrectly installed.
Uninstall and reinstall the machine’s driver.
The machine is malfunctioning.
Check the display message on the control panel to see if the machine is indicating a system error. Contact a service representative.
The document size is so big that the hard disk space of the computer is insufficient to access the print job.
Get more hard disk space and print the document again.
The output tray is full.
Once the paper is removed from the output tray, the machine resumes printing.
The machine selects print materials from the wrong paper source.
The paper option that was selected in the Printing Preferences may be incorrect.
For many software applications, the paper source selection is found under the Paper tab within the Printing Preferences. Select the correct paper source. See the printer driver help screen.
A print job is extremely slow.
The job may be very complex.
Reduce the complexity of the page or try adjusting the print quality settings.
Half the page is blank.
The page orientation setting may be incorrect.
Change the page orientation in your application. See the printer driver help screen.
The paper size and the paper size settings do not match.
Ensure that the paper size in the printer driver settings matches the paper in the tray. Or, ensure that the paper size in the printer driver settings matches the paper selection in the software application settings you use.
The machine prints, but the text is wrong, garbled, or incomplete.
The machine cable is loose or defective.
Disconnect the machine cable and reconnect. Try a print job that you have already printed successfully. If possible, attach the cable and the machine to another computer that you know works and try a print job. Finally, try a new machine cable.
The wrong printer driver was selected.
Check the application’s printer selection menu to ensure that your machine is selected.
The software application is malfunctioning.
Try printing a job from another application.
The operating system is malfunctioning.
Exit Windows and reboot the computer. Turn the machine off and back on again.
Pages print, but they are blank.
The toner cartridge is defective or out of toner.
Redistribute the toner, if necessary. If necessary, replace the toner cartridge.
The file may have blank pages.
Check the file to ensure that it does not contain blank pages.
Some parts, such as the controller or the board, may be defective.
Contact a service representative.
The machine does not print PDF files correctly. Some parts of graphics, text, or illustrations are missing.
Incompatibility between the PDF file and the Acrobat products.
Printing the PDF file as an image may enable the file to print. Turn on Print As Image from the Acrobat printing options.
It will take longer to print when you print a PDF file as an image.
The print quality of photos is not good. Images are not clear.
The resolution of the photo is very low.
Reduce the photo size. If you increase the photo size in the software application, the resolution will be reduced.
Before printing, the machine emits vapor near the output tray.
Using damp/wet paper can cause vapor [white smoke] during printing.
This is not a problem, just keep printing. If you are bothered by the smoke [vapor], then replace the paper with fresh paper from an unopened ream.
The machine does not print special-sized paper, such as billing paper.
Paper size and paper size setting do not match.
Set the correct paper size in the Custom in Paper tab in Printing Preferences.
The printed billing paper is curled.
The paper type setting does not match.
Change the printer option and try again. Go to Printing Preferences, click Paper tab, and set type to Thin.






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