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HP LaserJet Enterprise M604-M606 Printers- 11.00.0x internal clock errors


This document applies to the following printers only:
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise M604
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise M605
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise M606
An 11.00.01 or an 11.00.02 error message is displayed on the control panel when there is an issue with the printer’s internal clock.


Step one: Reset the date and time
Whenever the printer is turned off and then turned on again, set the time and date on the control panel.
Step two: Ensure the formatter cables are properly seated
Use the following steps to ensure that the formatter cables are firmly seated on the formatter.
  1. Turn off the printer.
    Figure : Power button
  2. Disconnect the power cord and interface cable.
    To avoid damage to the product, turn the product off, wait five seconds, and then remove the power cord before attempting to service the product.
    Figure : Location of the power cord and interface cable
  3. Remove the right-side panel by sliding it towards the rear of the product to unlatch it.
    Figure : Right-side panel
  4. Check the seven formatter cables to ensure they are securely seated.
    Figure : Need a new graphic
  5. Reinstall the right-side panel. Align the tabs on the panel with the slots in the product, and push the panel toward the front of the product until it latches into place.
    Figure : Right-side panel
  6. Reconnect the interface cable and the power cord.
    Figure : Power cord and interface cable
  7. Turn the printer on.
    Figure : Power button
Step three: Replace the formatter
If the error message continues after completing the above steps, contact a local authorized HP dealer or service representative for service to replace the formatter.