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HP Officejet Pro 8000 Enterprise Printer Series - Troubleshoot installation issues

Hardware installation suggestions

Check the printer
  • Make sure that all packing tape and material have been removed from outside and inside the printer.
  • Make sure that the printer is loaded with paper.
  • Make sure that no lights are on or blinking except the Ready light, which should be on. If the Attention light is blinking, check for messages on the printer control panel.
Check the hardware connections
  • Make sure that any cords and cables that you are using are in good working order.
  • Make sure that the power cord is connected securely to both the printer and to a working power outlet.
Check the printheads and ink cartridges
  • Make sure that all of the printheads and ink cartridges are firmly installed in their correct, color-coded slot. Press down firmly on each one to ensure proper contact. The printer cannot work if they are not all installed.
  • Make sure that the printhead latch is closed correctly.
  • If the display shows a printhead error message, clean the contacts on the printheads.

HP software installation suggestions

Check the computer system
  • Make sure that your computer is running one of the supported operating systems.
  • Make sure that the computer meets at least the minimum system requirements.
  • In the Windows printer manager, make sure that the USB drivers have not been disabled.
Verify installation preliminaries
  • Make sure to use the installation CD that contains the correct HP software for your operating system.
  • Before installing HP software, make sure that all other programs are closed.
  • If the computer does not recognize the path to the CD-ROM drive that you type, make sure that you are specifying the correct drive letter.
  • If the computer cannot recognize the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive, inspect the installation CD for damage. You can download the print driver from the HP Web site (www.hp.com/support).
After correcting any problems, run the installation program again.

Solve network problems

General network troubleshooting
  • If you are unable to install the HP software, verify that:
    • All cable connections to the computer and the printer are secure.
    • The network is operational and the network hub is turned on.
    • All applications, including virus protection programs, spyware protection programs, and firewalls, are closed or disabled for computers running Windows.
    • Make sure the printer is installed on the same subnet as the computers that use the printer.
    • If the installation program cannot discover the printer, print the network configuration page and enter the IP address manually in the installation program.
  • If you are using a computer running Windows, make sure that the network ports created in the print driver match the printer IP address:
    • Print the printer’s network configuration page.
    • Click Start, then click Printers or Printers and Faxes.
      - Or -
      Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Printers.
    • Right-click the printer icon, click Properties, and then click the Ports tab.
    • Select the TCP/IP port for the printer, and then click Configure Port.
    • Compare the IP address listed in the dialog box and make sure it matches the IP address listed on the network configuration page. If the IP addresses are different, change the IP address in the dialog box to match the address on the network configuration page.
    • Click OK twice to save the settings and close the dialog boxes.
Problems connecting to a wired network
  • If the Network light on the printer control panel does not turn on, make sure that all of the “General network troubleshooting” conditions are met.
  • Though it is not recommended that you assign the printer with a static IP address, you might resolve some installation problems (such as a conflict with a personal firewall) by doing so.
    To reset the printer's network settings
    1. Press the OK button.
    2. Press the right arrow to select Configure Device and then press the OK button.
    3. Press the right arrow to select Restore Factory Setting and then press the OK button.
    Resetting the printer’s network settings also resets the printer’s firewall settings.






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