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HP Designjet T7100 and T7100 Monochrome Printer Series - Printer alerts

Printer alerts

Your printer can communicate two types of alerts:
  • Errors: Mainly alerting you to the fact that the printer is unable to print. However, in the driver, errors can also alert you to conditions that could ruin the print, such as clipping, even if the printer is able to print.
  • Warnings: Alert you when the printer needs attention either for an adjustment, such as a calibration or for a possible unprintable situation, such as a preventive maintenance or low ink.
There are four different alert communicators within your printer's system.
  • Front-panel display: The front panel shows only the most relevant alert at a time. It generally requires the user to press the OK key for confirmation, but in the case of a warning, it disappears after a timeout. There are permanent alerts, such as "ink cartridge low on ink", that reappear when the printer becomes idle and there is not another more severe alert.
  • Embedded Web Server: The upper-right corner of the Embedded Web Server window shows the printer status. If there is an alert in the printer, the status shows the alert text.
  • Driver: The driver shows alerts. The driver warns about job configuration settings that may produce a problem in the final output. If the printer is not ready to print, it displays a warning.
  • HP Utility: To see alerts, go to the Overview tab and review the Items needing attention list on the right-hand side.
    By default, alerts are displayed only when you are printing and there are printing problems, for example: cartridge low or out of ink or printer out of paper. If alerts are enabled and there is a problem that prevents printing, you see a pop-up window, which explains why the printer is not going to print. Follow the instructions to achieve your required result.
    There are environments that do not support bidirectional communication, for example: a Windows computer connected to the printer with USB. In those cases, alerts do not reach the job owner.